British Vehicle Recognition Number Decals

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Hi, I would like to suggest war thunder adds the ‘number plate’ identification markings that can be found on all fighting vehicles in service with the British Army. Currently the game is lacking historical decals found after the WW2 era, by adding these decals it will help those who enjoy decorating their vehicles in a realistic way.

These decals should be easy to add, being a black box with six numbers and letters, in white. As shown here:

I propose 3 or more decals are added each using a different combination of numbers and letters, perhaps from 3 different types of vehicles giving more historical variety.


Source: Fv510 Warrior IFV and variants (1984)

Source: UK should send Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine, says Defence Committee chief | The Independent

Source: Fox Reconn | Fox Reconnaissance Vehicle. The FV721 Fox Comba… | Flickr

Even more pictures :D



+1 a must have for British tanks