Royal Engineers Text Decal

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On the 31 July 1972, the British army commenced Operation Motorman, an operation to regain control over areas in Northern Ireland that Irish Republican paramilitaries held control over. Operation Motorman was the biggest British military operation since the Suez Crisis, involving 27,000 troops, to ensure these troops could move freely around the areas, several centurion AVRE’s (Assault Vehicle, Royal Engineers) were assigned to the operation, these tanks were forbidden to use their L9A1 cannon and as such had their turrets face backwards and gun covered by a canvas. One of these Centurions AVRE’s was pictured in the Creggan Estate, Londonderry with a distinct ROYAL ENGINEERS marking, it was pictured bulldozing barricades and clearing rubble.

The Decal
In game the decal would be a very simple white text saying ROYAL ENGINEERS, similar to the ‘April Son’ and ‘Humorist’ decals already in game.



Source: FV4003 Centurion AVRE - Tank Encyclopedia