Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

At 10.7 it also meant that there are a lot less error margins. Chinese 10.7 MBTs can lolpen the tanks anywhere while tanke between 10.3 and 11.0 can also return fire if the 292 did not land a kill, since things like type 90, ariete P, or others has enough firepower. For a tank that is effectively bringing a mosin with an ACOG into thermal M4 PMC factory, it firepower would be better balanced against error making rooms rather than other aspects.

I mean, leopards(and of40), 8-16x, easy to identify foes at a long range and do the jobs a leopard 1s good at: snipe, with or without thermals. Thats also what makes TURMS more comfortable than T-64B. The 292 has a 9x optics at max, meaning that thermals would be very nice on bigger maps.

@Mytho61734 remember how i said everyone is demanding leopards for their trees?, now i saw it all
1 guy wants a 2a7Q (qatar) for israel of all nations, literaly no correlations at all. His reasoning is merkavas are bad

I guess he has a low i β€œQ” level


ehhhh, that joke was dodgy, do not recommend it

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Yea that going to isreal is dumb. If its ever added it will likely (unfortunately) be a german premium

Props going to get banned over it lol

or even a combined arabaic tree in some kind, but not israel out of all countries jesus, it annoys me how he didnt even made a poll to choose where it shall go

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Yea lmao

Today just seems to be: bad takes on vehicle placement.

Remember the YouTuber Deathmisser posted earlier?

When someone had asked about Poland they argued that the separation across multiple trees is a good thing.

Like my dear, the whole reason people are pushing for these trees is for that not to happen. So they can play their stuff in the same line-up.

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I mean if Jerusalem is willing to give IMI a bit more, like 2 NIS, it probably can make tanks that are not bad.
Edit: and oh god am I dying inside grinding with the merkava.

Just a reminder to everyone
bandicam 2024-02-05 15-23-04-108

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Being the worst of the best is still the best…

MICA IR would make these aircraft 13.3+.

doesnt point 1 and 4 work hand in hand?


I say 1,2 and 4 all work together.

Smin said the only reason Hungary was chosen was because they already had vehicles in there prior.

So 2 more or less will just end up as 1 and 1 will end up as 4.

So it’s not really a good poll imho lol

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Im sure everyone is sick of hearing about it but no it doesnt work really, SAF has prevented, or at least delayed the addition of british light tanks and IFVs.
This wouldn’t be that much of an issue if SAF had been added with more vehicles that would help the lack of light tanks / IFVs, for example the South African badger.
I support sub trees but i dont support adding south africa that is incomplete, especially when the UK could have got other commonwealth nations that would be better for filling out the tree and providing an air sub tree as well


Those mock battles often have wild scenarios like severely off setting one side and β€œshot down” is assumed from a point of getting a lock.

Just sayin’
Still nice pic of 5 kills from an F4.

Also the disaster that is called Hungary. Solves none of the problem, and basically made Italy less Italian. At least give a 2A7 at the very least.

Italy is just a mess, a romanian sub tree would have worked better i think, just for the additon of the MiG-21 LanceR


But gaijin hated Italy so they will make it worse in every way possible. Good Hungarian vehicles are not added like their air branch. Romania also features vehicles such as the 9K33M3, or the MiG-29 SNIPER and would provide a lot more interesting Romanian flavor.

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