Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

I would love if they add the turret basket to the Type 10. Missing since they added it and it feels bad.


devs testing 292

yeah “glass-cannon” suuureeee

womp womp

its a premium br what do you expect

new players cant deal with a t80b letalone an obj 292

its just very unbalanced really

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Type 16 cope cage when 🤣



wow who couldve foreseen a better T80B at a lower BR than the normal one is insanely strong

The 292 should be 10.7. 11.0 and above it is just not good enough considering its 9x max optics and lack of thermals, meaning long range sniper shots are rather impractical.

unexpected that a T80B with the same mobility and a really good armor and a cannon with almost twice the pen would be so good

i think the funniest part is how bad the shot on that 2A4 was (hit the bottom centre of the LFP where usually you’d get just the engine unless they have hull ammo) and it killed the entire crew with ease

Afaik that turret is entirely nonfunctional and was only put on there by the museum just for the sake of it having a turret. That hull was never intended to have an Olifant turret.

And besides there are far more interesting vehicles they could add like the Olifant Mk.1B and Optimum.

normally shooting at ammo decreases the spall and ammoracks the vehicle but i saw it ammo rack and kill almost the whole crew at the same time wich was absolutely insane

10 seconds r e l o a d.

People are overhyping it like they did with the Alibaba BMPT.

i mean soviet rounds already spall incredibly well imo for their weight so its not too surprising the 7kg 152 dart is basically equiv to a 122 APHE round in gaijins eyes lol

the people under estimate how good can it be a decently good reload specially at top tier but still the br is unjustified and it needs to be at least a bit higher specially taking in count it fights leopards A1A1’s OF 40 mk2 M60A3 TTS and stuff that are marginally inferior to the Object 292, when i mean inferior its the unfair inferior where your shell does so little damage that its highly probable you end up doing nothing to the ammo rack from the front or that you straight up cant keep up with the mobility of such vehicle

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thats literaly nothing if anythings oneshot


the crew watching as a metal rod as big as a child enters and demolishes everything inside the tank


The bigger problem is the optics. It can oneshot anything, yet the 3.9-9x optics and lack of thermals is the problem. 10.7 would be good I suppose.

the T80 UM 2 stands at 11.0 and with better armor sure but without thermals but since this has objectively worse armor and sights plus no thermals i guess it would be good at 10.7

I don’t get thermals how does making everything black and white help you?

If anything all it’s done has got me killed because I could no longer tell what was dead or alive.