Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

It’s still in the Finnish sub-tree. Arbitrary lines don’t matter.

The Hungarian air line was stated to not be any time soon, so don’t expect it for at least a few updates.

Then you don’t understand how tech trees work or what ‘arbitrary’ means.

Yep, Though we know that Gripen C is coming 100% in March, but ARH is currently 50/50 for March. Whilst it would make absolute sense for ARH in March due to the Gripen C addition. It is not certain. So even just as an ARH-less stop-gap for 3 months, it could be ideal. Not sure what else Italy could get as a stop-gap and I know how much uptiers suck.

Italy can get another F-16 without AMRAAMs and with AIM-9Ms. It wouldn’t be amazing, however it would work for the time being.

Yeah i saw that one bit werid that guy wanted it for Israel
There is only two middle eastern tanks i want the AlHussien and a Omani Challenger 2

Yeah. Though if no ARH though. Is F-16A with Aim-9M (as placeholder for Aim-9Li) enough? I doubt it would be a 12.7, maybe more like 12.3.

Its a start though.

Isnt that just the Challenger 2E?

I would much prefer if all vehicles that used the AIM-9Li got it rather than the AIM-9M, however this is Gaijin we’re talking about, and even though the Li is effectively just an L with IRCCM, they may very well make up some excuse for not adding it.

Yeah… considering Aim-9M still isnt wholey unique from Aim-9L (same lock ranges). Im doubting Aim-9Li anytime soon.

I want it for the L27A1 which won’t even be better but it will force gajin to add it

Haha, fair enough. Though I reckon due to the higher velocity of L28, it might end up being slightly better than L27.

In the gajin calculator maybe

Yeah, someone needs to do that math. Its way beyond my abilities (dammit, I should have paid more attention in school. Only if my maths teacher had told me I might needs maths for this in the future :D )

But yeah, I’d be interested to see how L28A1 would look in WT and if it could be worth it for the Challenger 2E (that would theoretically use it over L27A1)

They should add this now i think it would be balanced


Maybe I’m wrong but, as far as I remember, all sub trees are made up of a main line, usually of tanks and then support vehicles in other lines (spaa, TD).
But all of them were presented as a subTT (that is, an entire line to complete the 5 lines and then vehicles where it is necessary to complete)

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When all the lines as a whole make up a tree, each line is a sub tree. Therefore, if a vehicle is not part of a specific line, then it isn’t in that sub tree.

I’m dying for someone to remake Mercenaries 1. I played the heck out of that game as a kid. Loved it.

You won’t believe this, but the kind of freak-shots that would kill you in one go with the S238 often kill with the Puma.

I can’t tell you how many times, even in a T-90M with a spall liner, that I’ve taken a one-shot kill from a Puma in the last 4-5 months.

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CV9040 can easily do that too.

It’s really not a specific vehicles but autocannons being wacky, especially SPAA ones, where they can easily overpressure MBTs.