Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

But gaijin hated Italy so they will make it worse in every way possible. Good Hungarian vehicles are not added like their air branch. Romania also features vehicles such as the 9K33M3, or the MiG-29 SNIPER and would provide a lot more interesting Romanian flavor.

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Like SAF for the UK you grind the sub tree for a pretty meh vehicle, the TTD is weak at 10.0 and there is no reason to take it over the challengers or bishma, and the KF-51 is just a puma but with spikes, of which you only get 2, and they are terrible

will happen propably in a few patches

@ζ±‰εŸŽζˆ˜θ½¦ι“_μž₯νƒœμ™„ that being said gajin cant realy add the 2A7HU yet, we didnt see the full hungarian configuration yet, and gajin would need to add it with half its armor missing

Nobody would be mad if they give it the same as the german one then tweak it as new info becomes available, italy needs it

Well I will have to disagree. The TTD is an amazing tank, its armor layout is very ideal to being a nemesis to autocannon tanks. Even the begeleit and the 2s38 needs to aim the very tiny gun mantlet. Excellent mobility and DM63. The only downside, well: it is so goddamn ugly from literally every angle of view.

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we both know that aint like gajin works lol xD, any fix like that would need an additional 2 years until implementation

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I mean the 2A7HU isnt even that needed. Fixing the ariete should do well considering how every ariete players are cracked, or something else, like B2 centauro. However, a JAS39HU would be highly apperciated.

ariete fix is even less likely currently, b2 centauro looks good

About the hungarian air tree … yeah dont think happen soon either, it got denied by smin

Simply move the ariete down to a BR that matches its performance instead of nerfing it whenever possible

wouldnt solve the problem realy, it would get sucked to top br matches all the time either way

If the b2 comes i will actually grind the Italian tree instead of playing one match a week in it

Nope, at least not before something more fitting for 11.7 gets added. Still, even 10.7 is barely enough for them.

Because Gaijin wants Italy to be bad in every way possible, no 12.7 jets, not even a 12.3 one.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

To me, sub-trees are a double-edged sword.

Yes, they help nations without enough to have a home in the game but there are also times when it keeps countless things from that nation and its host nations out of the game.

The Sub-tree greatly benefits the sub-nation and doesn’t at the same time for both the host and sub at the same time.
Aften keeping unique vehicles for the game.

Like the UK and its lights and SA’s wealth of vehicles (enough that I would consider them for a good independent tree)


Italian air does not excite me as a UK main, all they have are harriers and tornadoes, the f-16 is nice but i have that in the US tree.
G.91YS is cool but pretty bad to play with no decompression ive heard.

its like italy is an alternative Uk air tree

Anyways when are we going to get the Harrier GR.9, Tornado GR.4, both with brimstones please, and the wildcat with 20 marlets. Would also love to see the Jaguar GR3A with its Aim-9Ls

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Quite similar, I mean, the G.55 and G.56 are also in themselves some kind of spitfire but better. Jaguar and AMX are decent GBU CAS(the AMX well, is the best 10.3 CAS), top tier CAS as a harrier etc. Tornados and stuff.

In three years when Gaijin adds the best versions of every Russian jet.