Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

*ahem *
Slovenian T-55s were upgraded to M-55S with the assistance of the Israeli company Elbit Systems.

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I’d assume that also means MiG-23-98 down the road. :)


Vietnamese T-55’s to China then? Or also Israel? Lol.

Omg why lol

So we have Russia, Italy and now Israel lol

Also the Praga can be turned into a Slovenian one too which make more sense than Serbia since the M-55S is Slovenian.

Depends …
Which nation needs more bolstering?
The Nation with nearly infinite possibilities of modified and export equipment (along with its own Army equipment and its neighboring island’s) or the Nation with comparatively limited options?

So probably onto the Soviet tree then.

So nobody gets it and everybody suffers, since Tiran, multiple T-55’s, and Type 59’s exist in game…

For the record, I could care less, some random T-55 doesn’t mean much to me at this point.

And Vilkas is a (partly) German hull with Israeli armaments, so what?

Then why bring up the Vietnamese project, then, all of a sudden?
Don’t think anybody’s gonna bat an eye if the T-54M3 goes to Israel (the original project was a a joint Vietnamese-Israeli project afterall, that started in 2009!). Especially given the current Sino-Viet relation.
It’s a relatively modern upgrade project, started long after the Vietnam war.
And if the Chinese mains revolt … chuck another Chinese T-55/Type-59 upgrade in the same update.
There’s still dozens to choose from … Bangladeshi Type 59 Durjoy, Tanzanian Type-59G, Pakistani Al-Zarrar … Take your pick.

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Just a suggestion with the info.
If everybody thinks that Russia needs the M-55S rather than something like T-55M6 or that China needs T-55M3 rather than something like Type-59G … then be it I guess.
But since Israel was involved primarily in the project(s) and its a minor nation in WT, the Israeli tree can get another new vehicle or two as a premium/event/squadron.
As for Vilkas. The question should be why that particular Boxer variant was chosen rather than why Vilkas is in Germany and not in Israel. Coz if the answer is Israel, don’t think the German mains gonna be too happy with that answer. And it aint as ubiquitous as Shermans, T-34s, T-54s or M-60s.

You’re right, It’s HD textures were leaked awhile back, it’s going to the USSR.

Hopefully they give the American and Israeli Apaches some love.

Israel should get their Spikes (they LITERALLY MAKE THEM)

US should get 114L or AGM65

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I think Britain used them as well

Spikes or Mavs? Theoretically, if Britain had a supply of Maverick Ds or better then their AH-64s should have been compatible with em.

I was more thinking the 114Ls

But Yeah, we had AGM-65s for the Harriers

Ah well yeah its got the radar it should be fine.

I mention Mavericks because it’ll probably be a while until gaijin gives radar guided hellfires the go-ahead.

old debate, the 114Ls are problematic

The best thing you could possibly find:


Yeah, those could be a good alternative. I think Britains “heavy” AGM for the apache though is Brimstone. But that isnt going to happen