Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

No, the Swiss Hunter should go to Liechtenstein, obviously.

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Honestly. Italy has a better claim for it than Germany does

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No, they are too OP for the game currently

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We already have few cities in the naval TT lol
Zara and Pola

No Liechtenstein is too OP

I mean they did a jointly annex Slovenia and Italy is in the Axis so they have a claim lol

Andorra, then.

Technically there are 2 vehicles but one is a reskinned Stuart so I don’t care if it is the US tree compared to the missplacsed Ram II.

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I’d like to keep it that way until the tree gets added.


Then the tree won’t get added at all then lol

And rather that than getting our stuff in already existing trees

The number one rule for adding new nation is that their tech have to have existed before in other trees.
Like I’ve keep saying they never added a rouge nation.

That wouldn’t be a rule, that would be a pattern, which we all know Gaijin isn’t good at other than update releases.

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tbh they have been pretty good with nations as they mostly fall ether the October update or the before and the March one.

Other than drops there isn’t really a discernible pattern there either.

oh so it’s just luck then that,

Hungary - September
Finland - October (are usually the update where they add the air CBT packs)
Israel - October
Sweden - October
South Africa - March ( are usually the update where they add ground tech trees)

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You are ignoring the timeframes in between… that’s quite a critical component to a pattern…

I mean people got google to look at but yea true but since Smin have gave us a warning today I’m gonna leave it here

The Thai F-16A OCUs were Block 15s with the larger elevators similar to the ADF currently in game. They also used Python 3 missiles together with their AIM-9s. For ground attack they operate AGM-65 Maverick and GBU-10/12 with Altis II targeting pod.

Thailand also operates AIM-120 AMRAAM but I believe those are not used with OCUs but rather with ADFs and MLUs also in Thai service.