Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Playing devil’s advocate. “T-54/55M3” could go to Israel, but it could go to the USSR or China too. Also, Sino-Vietnamese relations are not what they were in the 80’s or 90’s, things are getting better.

I’m just throwing the tank out there.

I’d kill to get the Harrier GR.9 with brimstones



Im partial for the Gr4, but for either, theyd be fricking awesome

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Found this bomb dispenser and it apparently hold 80 some drag bombs

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50lb tnt equivalent

Its call the JP233, they are used for denying the use of runways

german MW-1 is better:P

This one’s funner


Why not both :p

Lmao it looks like a countermeasures pod but bigger

Yeah, looks like JP233.

2 could be carried by a Tornado Gr1

Each carried 30 runway cratering bomblets and 215 anti-personnel mines. They all had “retarding parachutes”

I get why we dont have the mine part, but would love the Jp233 and the cratering mines

Absolutely, if they’ve committed to Brimstone, lets get htem on everything, AH64E would be fun with them

It becomes a warcrime pod if you take the proper charges ))))

And of course its German. Old habits die hard I guess XD

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for explanation, german one has just as many “bombs” inside, but the german one has a “better” or more deadly sortiment of “bomb” , specialy ours got a sortiment of anti tank mines the british one is lacking

Yeah, German one was runway denial/area surpression. British one was almost exclusively runway denial.

We just used normal CBUs for anti-tank work

For every kill it scored in the game, it also killed five graphic cards


I know this has been talked about but,

I’m wondering if they do add a new nation will it be the selling point for AMRAAM’s

Only nation with them :D

one hell of a money maker

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imagine lol

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