Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Italy is still good.


Yes i am coping


spoilers and quotes kinda didn’t work

Im texting on a phone bruh


He fixed it.

I mean they bugged for me today too and I was on PC

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Yeah I see

aye just found it


Exactly what we said they are not the same

Say how long before an updated do the first leak lists start to show up?

I can make a fake one up tomorrow morning bruh

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Remeber to add the JAS39C for sweeden >:)

I hope be able to buy soon the Type 74 G

I’m really wishing

I have it and tbh it aint too bad

I would wait for a rank 7 premium tbf, i havent played it yet but I heard it has a fixed 8x optic

Ref: I have played the merkava 2d despite having the best kd out of all premiums i owned i am not a big enjoyer

tbh i found the Merkava to be worse (thats proberbly just how i play) but i also played it a long time ago so it may just be that times have changed

It is okay, not like Israel is as time consuming to grind as Germany or Russia. Problem is that by the time the players has got a 9.3 TT lineup it is promptly much less useful since it is the only 9.7 vehicle besides a very niche heli.

The otomatic is a bit overpowered isnt it?
Source: K2 ie that Russian youtuber

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It might be the only 9.7 but 9.3 Magachs are highly competitive at 9.7 with their DM63, LWS/LR and improved mobility and armor.

He post leak list a month ago

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Time to nerf it!
And Ariete.
PS the total number of kills is sad though.