Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

Good to know, prob alphajet then.

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Regarding Early EFT loadouts:

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The DA.1, 2, and 3 could be added with only AIM-9M/Li’s and be asymmetrical equivalents to the Gripens, with them having more missiles but worse engines.

I know there is a patria 6x6 tho wasnt sure about its name

Iirc these early EFT prototypes are completely denied by Gaijin since they lacked the most basic things such as RWR, radars, wiring for weapons, and stuff (depending on proto config ofc)

XA-180 is their old 6x6, alternatively known as Sisu.
The familiar ItO-90M is based on it.

When and where were they denied? Also, not all didn’t have them.

Ahhhh, i see, thats why i confused them

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Maybe but a bit worried as in the DA7 manual it only refers to 9L and not 9L(i) probably due to refering it to just 9L

And the Gripens have AIM-9Ms.

I think your confusing it with the EAP

Yeah they probably give it 9Ms

Found this tho on their website and to me i thought they were the same


I think Smin explained that in the previous R&R and Britain Air Forces threads.

He was talking about the EAP.

Right, I just found out about the XA-300 too, which Wikipedia refers to as Patria 6x6. Very confusing that it is referred to as such, considering it isn’t their only 6x6 vehicle nor the first.

Intresting, they referd to that one as the Patria 6x6 as well, tho that may be just them generalising it

He was on about the EAP which is not the same as the pre production Eurofighters as thoses had weapons tested
Da series of Eurofighter development aircraft had weapons and radar and rwr and flight manuals

In any case, we both learned something new I think :D

yeah, i also found that you can find alot of funny stuff on military contractors’s websites :)