Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

It’s a combination of a massive skill issue and them playing an unforgiving tank.

I have noticed similar skill issues arising in the Russian teams and even the German teams, while both of these nations have lineups easily on par or even exceeding the US one.

Difference for Germany is that they are still getting carried by experienced players and the 2A7V being a top 2 MBT currently.

The difference for Russia is that a lot of their tanks like the T-80Us, T-80BVM and to a slightly lesser extend the T-90M are way more forgiving. Meaning that mistakes usually aren’t that punishing for the players.

This is all ignoring the one death leaving situation that is going on.

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Funny because Soviet winrates are also very low according to the data in the video.

As I understand from the automatically translated automatic transcription, this data is for matches with at least two spawns and in vehicles of BR no less than 11.7


I mean still T-80BVM/T-90M > any tank US has to offer

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Anything known for next patch, aside from the Gripen C for Sweden?

Anything strongly suspected, aside from AMRAAMS?

When do you guys think rank 9 air will come? Kinda feel rank 8 came when 7 was lighter than 8 is right now for some nations. Might be just me.

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A new German jet (it wasn’t stated to be a top tier fighter, but it was implied).


Wow thats cool. What could it be? With “new” I’m guessing a whole new model. Early Eurofighter maybe? What load outs could there be on earlier versions?

The US has the broadest audience in terms of people trying to play it, which means teams end up being full of people who don’t know how to play/bought their way to top tier (and still don’t know how to play).
The vehicles probably also have some to do with it, but from my experience its mainly that the dumbest players tend to end up in the US or USSR trees.

I’m not expecting a Typhoon this soon, especially since Britain and Italy weren’t mentioned. I’m guessing it’s the F-15B that West Germany trialed and painted roundels on, however I would not say no to an F/A-18, since West Germany also trialed them.


Italy was at one point doing really well despite how bad the Arietes are, so yeah, win rates don’t represent vehicle performance.

F-4F ICE, new Tornado variant or possibly alpha jet, other than that, nothing really to add.

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Or F4ice if AMRAAMS do come next update

Same time

It was said that it might’ve come last update, so I doubt it.

Any top tier jes Germany would get like the tesed planes or swiss planes would require a need for them like early AMRAAMS so i can’t see it being a just another 12.3 planes but i could be wrong

And when is the next event with jets as reward? Around april 1st right?

AFAIK it can be 4 AMRAAM + 6 mavs + 3-5 paveways (depending on size) with the ability to carry the 5000lbs paveways, so a considerable amount of boom

the whole video and that graph at least show nicely that germany isnt the problem like so many people cry, but it literaly is mainly sweden which is the problem
I still dont know what it is with the devs and their love for sweden, but maybe they just hate germany but like the style of the leopard or why are they giving them the massive prefered treatment with the armor

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EFTs are denied at least for couple majors in the future.


I mean Sweden just got their long awaited Gripen with great CAS capabilities and also a new Strv 122 aaand also addition of spall liners to their tanks. Is it really that surprising for their win-rates to be high?

Sweden itself isn’t the problem. The problem is Gaijin’s plan regarding progression of German Leopards and American Abrams. Sweden just gets what they can while Germany and US stay in “chronological order” of vehicles despite having many better options available.

Change Sweden to USSR and situation looks even worse…

And my Mirage2000-5F got no MICAs