Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

more like to early because the german would force further upgrades to 2a7v as well

Well thats a problem too, but there are always ways around it like B2 centauro. Fixing the ariete or some SAM system would do fine as well, unlike lineups like France or Britain who lacks a piece of puzzle, Italy has everything, just very bad, but they do have the whole puzzle.

thats an alternative great addition for italy yeah, “leaked” as well

I’d argue that for Ground Britain has options for everything.

I dont see an ajax. A few of the CR2s, the CR3 and ADATS are no joke indeed, but given that British CAS are very good, something better than a rooikat would be handy. A SAM-labelled A2/AD too.

In the light tank department we have plenty of other options besides Ajax



that got suggested recently. But there are plenty of later Warrior Variants.



Warrior Defence Reconnaissance Variant (DRV)
Warrior 2 / Warrior CSP - Great Britain - War Thunder - Official Forum
FV 510 Warrior LMT 105 - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

And for SAM always good old Tracked Rapier, but we do have plenty of interesting options to pad the 9.0-10.7 range,

The Apache is pretty good, might be time for a better Hellfire, same for all the US apaches, but we’ll see about that in the future. But yeah, CAS is something we are good at (and considering our lack of A2A is arguably because we agreed with the US to focus on CAS and leave them to deal with CAP, it should be, so stuff like the Tornado Gr4 would keep us going readily in that department)

But either way, just a really reliable 10-10.3 IFV, would be perfect right now, and then just need to finish the CR2s and Fix (or replace) Starstreaks

@汉城战车道_장태완 btw there is another reason the 2a7hu cant be added yet

Benelux has quite a fair amount of fun stuff, but yeah, Poland or Visegrad would be better.


10 different flavours of cockatrill?

See for yourself, I’m going to sleep

i know the tree thats why i say it lol

Luxemburg, you always underestimate the small nations.

One thing I would like to see is the warrior CSP, last time I saw the vehicle it is still lying in the restoration hanger in Bovington, and that thing still gives me flashbacks when the ZBL commander yelled in fear to EGRESS and ESS the hell out.
Yeah, that could be a good 10.0 IFV, or the desert warrior aka a craigslist dardo.
As of starstreak its more of a game mechanics issue with hit register given it has no VT fuses. Perhaps alternatives should be looked at like the martlet and is ground launchers.

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Lmao tea drinker dardo

More like these things are so bad the Brits just left them in Kuwait after they beat saddam(and got tkd)

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Stormer HVM could fire LMM So dont even need to add a new vehicle, literally just replace or add an alternative missile to the outstanding vehicles. Apache I think could just get ATAS

This also looks really interesting for our tree:

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I felt another variant for martlet mounted would be better, extra grind but keeps the current stormer low and it still kicks ass like ifvs and strykers.
As of the scimitar mk2, yeah it can def do


Yeah, plenty of options to supplement the Strormer. Its a shame they just dont seem interested in adding them at the moment,


“You want more light vehicles? Here’s a bunch of MBTs! What do you mean you still want more light vehicles?”

“But the Challenger 3 has a bigger engine, what do you mean its not a light tank”