Warrior Defence Reconnaissance Variant (DRV)

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  Warrior Defence Reconnaissance Variant (DRV)


Vehicle design history:

The Warrior Defence Reconnaissance Variant (DRV) started life as part of a proposal for the Future Family of Light Armoured Vehicles (FFLAV) competition. As a part of this contest, GKN developed the ‘low profile Warrior’, which would then go on to be known as the Warrior Reconnaissance as the project developed further. This proposed vehicle differed from the Warrior then in service by having its hull shortened and lowered, with the removal of one set of road wheels, as GKN intended to develop a smaller warrior, not dissimilar to the 5-road wheeled APC the Spartan that had seen service with the British armed forces for several decades previously. This reduction in size and payload, whilst retaining the same powerplant as the standard warrior increased the power-to-weight ratio significantly, though it was noted that handling was not brilliant, but its capabilities more than made up for this little caveat.

The vehicle they produced would feature the same Delco turret present on the Desert Warrior, which featured a fully stabilized m-242 25mm Bushmaster cannon, carrying 500 rounds of ammunition. This cannon was complimented by a pair of twin Tow ATGW launchers, along with an additional four TOW missiles stowed in the rear compartment. This design proved promising, and was further refined with the addition of new radar-absorbent appliqué panels and the fitting of a large elevating sensor mast, capable of multispectral surveillance utilizing radar, thermal, day/night sights and a laser rangefinder/target designator. This sensor module increased the standard crew of 3 to 4, as a sensor operator was added to the crew in order to operate and monitor the elevating sensor mast.

Unfortunately the DRV would be another failed Warrior project, though features trialed in this design would continue in specifications for the much after ASCOD and CV90 proposals for the FRES/SV.

Vehicle specification:

Vehicle specification:

Length (mm) 6430mm

Width (mm) 3034 and 3660mm (clad)

Height (mm) 2728

Ground clearance (mm) 505mm

Weight (kg) 27000kg (battle weight)

Max. road speed (km/h) 90kph

Gradient (%) 60

Ground clearance (mm) 30

Trench (mm) 2000mm

Vertical obstacle (mm) 750

Max. road range (km) 600

Engine power output (h.p.) 650hp Perkins v8 condor diesel

Power-to-weight ratio (h.p./t) 24

Fuel capacity (l) 770

Crew: 4 (gunner, commander, driver, Sensor operator) -

Main armament 1 x M-242 25mm Bushmaster cannon (500 rounds)

Secondary armament 2 x TOW ATGW launchers (6 missiles carried)
1 x coaxial 7.62 mm L94A1 chain gun
8 x smoke dischargers

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+1 for the British Dardo

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Brits really need more IFVs

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yes +1

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A warrior with a turret capable of doing damage? Amazing! +1
(Jk the MILAN is good, only the RARDEN is bad)

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Like a short Desert Warrior. Any idea on the thermals for this thing or nah?

if the desert warrior has thermals it will have thermals, the turrets are identical.

Apparently the Desert Warriors thermals were updated by the US tho I have no idea what difference that makes …
“In 2009 Kuwait Upgraded the fire control system, (GITS II) hardware, Improved Thermal Sight System and 2nd Generation Forward-Looking Infrared Radar”

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I love how rather than the doors sliding out of the way, the entire TOW tubes pop up when preparing to fire. Like a dog when it hears “walk”. It looks so excited to send turrets flying!

Hi Nathan, I’ve just gone over the brochure for the vehicle in my collection from GKN - these are the statistics they list on their official materials. I’ve added them next to yours. - ed

i will change the post :)


Better warrior, yes +1

if it got a gun that you can kill efficently

I would like to see this in-game, it would be a capable IFV replacement. I’ve also found the following mention of this vehicle, from Jane’s International Defense Review September 1996, albeit merely a paragraph on it on the left side of the page. I figured it may add a little more historical context to the post.