Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion

It looks to be a German vehicle to me.


Im not going to get into that argument… I have no personal stake in it as I dont really play either nation. But…

Should it have come to both? Probably
Will it come to both? Probably

But what is done is done. Just be grateful Germany has a, by all acounts, a good IFV that is likely getting better soon and another that could be relatively easily added in the near future. Britain meanwhile…

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Ermm no It’s in Hungarian service so it goes into Hungary.

Like how hard is that to understand ?

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As I have stated previously, I am not saying that the version made for Hungary should go to the German tree; I am saying that a pre-production model that is exclusively German should go to the German tree.

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Probably should have been added to both, but I reckon German KF41 will be added as a premium this year, but 10.7 is a little too high at this exact moment for a ground premium I think

But then would Germany need that ?

The PUMA can be updated and upgraded so Germany won’t need the Lynx

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And the KF41 is infinitely cooler. Also, it was stated that the Puma w/ Spikes would be a separate vehicle.


They havent touched the Puma in almost a year and a half, excluding BR raises. I dont think they’ll update it, and Lynx has a model ready for a new flag and some minor changes to be made to be put into the German TT


Then you should say KF platform instead of KF-41.

Nah, Germany doesn’t need a Hungarian vehicle that SPIKE PUMA’s better than.


The KF41 is the final pre-production version of the Lynx, which was then modified further for Hungary. Calling it the KF41 is not incorrect.

40 years* 3 years more than NATO and AXIS combined. Hungary to USSR when!?!?!

What do you mean by this?

I love how he is forgetting Italian tanks and aircraft.

Hungary has nothing to do with italy right ?
So who made these aircraft then ?

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Ngl I hope gaijin add these two


As the P.11c would be a good gate way into Poland.

They have already confirmed the Puma is getting Spikes at some point

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Oxy said that it’d be added as a separate vehicle.

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New update, new RR thread and everyone’s back on the German KF41 thing.

Ah yes “some point”, Cant wait for that to be in 3 years and for that Puma to also be a buggy POS as well.

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“Muh 3 years!”
Dude, PSO was added within a year of every tech tree having an 11.7, and Germany’s getting a at least one more Leopard 2 this year.

My guess it would be that 2A7 as BvvD said something inthe AP dev stream.

Would be funny if Hungary and Finland got there at the same time