Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 2)

I’m all good thank you. Looking forward to things to come :)


big chance actually

A ground pounding PVE mode would be very welcome to pretty much everyone who just wants to play a strike aircraft in its’ intended role.


Side note m8 is there a list to the senior moderators so I can report the incident from yesterday ?

Manufacturer has nothing to do with where an aircraft is going within the tech tree.

Mig27’s in a bomber line
Su25/Su17 being two different lines

Migs are in one line because they are all jet fighters primarily.

Yak’s are “jet fighters” but they are a niche of jet aircraft so they are put into a separate line.

Tech tree’s are defined by niche designation, which is why manufacturer has nothing to do with where an aircraft will be placed.

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Cheers m8 Pacifica already knows of the incident and suggested I contact one :)

Hey, i wanna ask. December updates are usually big and bring something new into the game (except vehicles). Can we expect some new game mechanic this update? t
Thank you for your answer.

Rank 8 ground. And new rockets. I suppose that all

Rank 8 would be nice if it would decompress BR, but i doubt that as it didn’t happened in air as they just made 0.3 bigger BR.

And what do you imagine under new rockets?

Or a ECM rework their is lot of new mechanics they could add

Maybe. Small mechanic i wait: rework of ahead :)

Well we will see next week

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Maybe finally rework of reactive armor?)


Era/Kontack-1 will no longet stop APFSDS? That would be nice.


Yes but people will buy premiums to speed up the grind for the new content - we’ve all seen the “You can speed up research of this vehicle with ….”

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We need at least 13.3 BR for the new jets

Doubt that.

R&r be poppin.

12.7 more than enough
We need to decompress ground BRs(pantsir on 12.7, bvm on 12.0-12.3, sep 12.0-12.3 etc)