Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

As an Abrams collector you bet I would get that premium.


Told you @x_Shini lol


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But honestly these cool cosmetic premium variants of TT vehicles are the best kind of top tier premiums.

It gives people a cool premium they can buy and it doesn’t lock unique content behind a paywall.

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100% m8 and tbh most of the premiums should be like this

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or just very similar, like Puma and KF41

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passive sonar worked basically the same as last event. The faster you went, the noisier and more detectable you became.

You also had an active sonar, which would give you a precise firing solution up to a certain distance, but would also give away your position.
Torps were manually guided, like piloting a plane but underwater (i remember they went to 300 km/h as well), and you basically had to ram them in the enemy subs

The event was pretty pleasent imo, but i felt like everybody (myself included) was a bit confused, since the UI was really different and the mechanics unusual.

You also had a mapping of the ocean’s bottom, since the depth were much greater than the last event, and it was pretty dark down there.

If you want to know more there’s this topic

Made a few submarine trees myself for lols here

Would love to see what trees you come up with !

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Well, popcorn’s out for tomorrow i guess

If only this could happen to every country, and not always the same that have already one or more premiums like that.

you can let them in the storage for now , devblog’s wont come at least (absolute minimum) until tuesday , most likely more wednesday or thursday , basing from the previous realese date of the first devblog’s for the december update

The 10th of October surely is later than the 19th of September ([News] Meet Major Update “Sons of Attila”! - News - War Thunder), no matter where in the world you are located.

I dont think the image you posted there were even the leak in question.

However, you are right, not many of the leaked vehicles already had a devblog.


yeah yeah, take your conspiracy theories elsewhere

besides that wasnt my main point, just that the original wasnt from that person

Not sure why they’d give Russia or USA a new top tier jet. This is mega hopium from USA/RUS mains. Especially considering they already gave USA and Russia F-16C and MiG-29SMT an update or two ago. There’s 0 need for them to be given more

M1A1HC is already in TT which would make no sense for it as premium
Challenger 2 OES (essentially just megatron CR2) is in files, but I highly doubt they’d do it. CR2 just wouldn’t sell, plus there’s Challenger DS and countless other UK premiums. this’d be a TT addition

The list is mega fake to me

because if it is real, they probably plan to add the earliest versions that can’t carry arhs to test the waters with those new jets

i agree but refer to my first reply

it came from the same person that leaked the kings of battle list(the one with, supposedly, many mistakes)

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What “mistakes” the Chinese dude didn’t even claim it was an update list it could of been a development list

the ones people said it got wrong, like the a6e swip

I keep seeing folks mentioning Su-27 and F-15 and stuff. I don’t see it happening this update at all.

The UK is confirmed as getting a new top tier jet
Sweden is confirmed as getting a new top tier jet
If anything, this update is shaping up to a "balance the rest of the game up to the standard of USA/RUS/CHI/ITL/GER/FRA

There’s nothing to suggest USA or Russia getting heavy air supremacy planes which would be the stars of the update, not Gripen and whatever UK is getting


Most of the ones on there are publically visible in the SDK. It doesn’t mean they’re coming, it’s huge guesswork on that lists part

i dont see it either but people keep inhaling hopium because “uhm this country doesnt have a jet that can carry arhs therefore f15 confirmed”

while ignoring that smin said not all countries will get an arh

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Because they make the most money for Gaijin. US/RU mains might not even play other nations so if they don’t get something they won’t spend money on the game during the biggest holidays of the year, which is just bad business. The only reason minor nations get skipped is because they don’t have a big enough volume to justify sacrificing content for other nations at the time.

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