Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Gaijin ready consider medium-range active radar homing BVR Air-to-Air Missile from USA, Russia, PLAAF and NATO in Q1 or Q3 next year ? but not ready this year ?

I think people always end up doing low altitude turnfights, because the game encourages you to do so.

There isn’t any purpose or benefit to fly high, it’s only a liability because you’re more vulnerable to radar missiles.

What I was thinking about with the Foxhound and interceptors in EC was adding more AI targets at high altitude, and reward players for planning and executing a successful intercept.

I was thinking you would mostly do these intercepts well behind the frontline in friendly territory, so you are less likely to eat a missile flying so high.

I also feel the current system doesn’t value PvE actions enough, they give low rewards and don’t impact matches at all. AI targets are also very boring, and don’t behave as dynamically as I’d like.

It should take a certain level of skill, of course, otherwise it wouldn’t be engaging.

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Yep, at minimum they need to move the AI waves at higher BRs to a higher alt.

It seems that JH7A’s KH29T suggestion has been passed, the manager said it will be added into next update, but I am not sure which type of KH29T…


In that case then bring on the better leopards with D-tech.

Its likely just my play style, I like to be hull down.

I know it sounds strange but when I play my Chally and Abrams I can pick a ridge and roll out just my turret and maybe the slight ufp, with the leo I feel like i have to roll all the way out expose the hull and roll back in. With the Russian tanks they have the stupidly strong era that makes it less of an issue. For the Leclerc and Type 10’s they are trickier tanks to play than the Leo’s but at least with the type 10 it has the reload which makes up for it largely.

Those are some ideas I had in the past

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I’ve been waiting for this for years. And now they’ve been teasing me with the idea since they introduced Rank 6 (without adding anything new). Its maddening.

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I wonder how they will deal with the huge jump. Take Germany for example their WW1 peaks at Bayern and then jumps all the way to things like Gneisenau and Bismarck.

For the UK you get the QE class, Hood and then on to Nelson or the G3 (chronologically).

For the US you have the beginning of the 16-inch standards.

Japan is the most extreme, from Nagato to Yamato with the Kii’s as the only laid down options in-between.

Either way it will be very exciting to see some of them steam out plus there’s the better AA.

When I play British Dreadnoughts in particular, the lack of AA is crippling at times, I was just in my colossus and had an F7F drop a mine on me and there’s just nothing you can do in any of the British dreadnoughts but Hood. So with that period of ships comes AA upgrades.

Edit: Japan could also get the Amagi in her intended design.


I’m not sure how suggestions like this make it into the game (if at all), but I’m happy to see it.

Do you think any staff read posts like this and actually consider them? Or is the system in place just to keep people like us preoccupied?

That’s really good to hear! Im assuming at the very least the Kh-29TD, the same one on the Mig-29SMT, since it’s a much more modern plane

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I hope that they’re going to take it “slow” and methodically. Germany, Italy, and France are out of new ships until the war starts (barring Dunkerque and Normandie but that would mean adding new French ships). Adding Nagato, Nelson, and Colorado would jump up without jumping so far that the other navies are left hopelessly outmatched.
From there things get a little tricky. Russia is a disaster, and the Latin countries are equally empty in this area.
Ideally that’s how things’ll go, but if they were going to start there with this patch then we probably would’ve gotten HMS Revenge last update so that Russia can at least get something prior to Sov. Soyuz. Really who knows, they don’t seem to have a plan, meaning we can only guess what they might do.

That’s the biggest issue with naval. The big 3 really are the big 3. None of the other nations match the sheer output and class volume of the US, UK and Japan. For this period there is not really any “slow”, even historically the jump was huge.

I think though, they should have waited for Kronshtadt, Scharn and Hood, and instead put in the R-class, QE class, Bayern’s etc and used the DPM on the BC’s to even out the sheer huge size of the calibre on the 16 inchers.

I think we will see things like Littorieu, Dunkerque, Normandie and even Richelieu sooner rather than later.

If we look at the next steps for the UK, US, and IJN. Its 16 inch guns with 13-15 inches of armour. I’m not sure, i’d rather they add the French and Italian ships whilst they’re still relevant and can have some glory period before they’re stomped by the likes of Amagi, Bismarck, KGV and SoDak’s.

I like you, have no idea, its going to be crazy the jump but then again no more crazy than Scharn is or Kronshtadt was pre-nerf.

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Italy is probably going to get Francesco Caracciolo class next, the only time when this nation will actually benefit from Gaijin’s unfinished ships policy.

am not gonna answer replies anymore, am gonna just leave this here and leave.
they just added the Aim-7M just for balance. end of discussion, the Barak II right now having the Aim-7M and Aim-9M is just stupid. holy jesus guys am telling you that the amraam is not possible is not possible what the hell you tried to tell me other thing that is not correct having no information about it, i have the information about it, you dont, why you waste your damn time trying to say otherwise?. am literally saying for the past 3 days, F-16C/D pre block 50/52s needs additional upgradessss, israel never upgraded the Barak II Block 40 to add the amraam capability what the hell you dont understand guys my god!!!

THey’d need to probably be put through in multiple suggestions. I know one GM that heavily plays SB, so at least some semi-gaijin probably saw it. But that thread is about getting ideas and refining them so that I can submit some suggestions for it

It was heavily implied to be one with better hull armour, so the 2A7 is soft denied (or at least isn’t the only one coming).

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“I’ve been saying these things while not giving any sources and people are questioning me! What the hell!? Blindly believe me!”


There kind of is, but really only for the Big 3, and of those mainly just the US and Japan. Colorado > South Dakota (1920) > North Carolina > South Dakota (1938) > Iowa, and Nagato > Kaga/Amagi > Kii > Yamato. Britain is a little worse off with QE/Revenge > Nelson > KGV > Vanguard > Lion. And really Vanguard is just a faster Queen Elizabeth.

However like you said, there is no slow progression for anyone else. Italy and France can get incomplete Francesco Caracciolo (as mentioned by someone else) and Normandie, but neither of them are comparable to something like North Carolina and still even a generation behind Nelson and Nagato.

I wonder AN/APG-68(V)10 radar maybe pulse doppler radar or AESA radar ?

Unsure Lockheed Martin F-16I Sufa fitted AN/APG-68(V)9 radar or AN/APG-68(V)10 radar, I guess in the future gajin could add F-15I Ra’am (Early) located after F-16D Block 40 Barak II before F-16I Sufa

To be honest, if there were some kind of RP/SL bonus multiplier, I would enable them right away hahah

But with no real incentive, I don’t see any reason to do it.