New update broken '' drop bomb series command is blocked by active weapon selector ''

new update broken:

‘’ drop bomb series command is blocked by active weapon selector ‘’

now you must drop all the bombs at once and you only can blow up 1 base when before the update you could choose what category of bombs you want to drop and you could spilit the category to blow up 2-3 bases.

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No, everything works as before the update.
Check your controls.

Allready checked mate, i think you are the one who needs to check all around the web its not just me its 85% from War thunder community noticed that…

Update is Broken. needs a fix to that.


I’ve actually recommended to a lot of people redo their controls and even set their controls to find a few that actually continue to have this issue surrounding the bomb series/secondrary weapon selection issue.

Something is actually going on.


yeah i’m also having issues.
some made up numbers as an example:
lets say i want to drop 2 bombs with every series click.
i have 2 1000lb bombs for a base and 8 250lb bombs for tanks on the same plane.
currently i cant select only the 1000lb bombs and drop them in serries because as soon as i enter the weapon selector to select them the “drop bomb serries” stops working. then exiting selector makes the plane drop 2 of the 250lb bombs instead as they are prioritized. (or the other way around).

this is a made up scenario with a fictional loadout but the general issue of not being able to drop specific bombs in serries still exists in the game.


The question is which aircraft you’re having these problems with.
Because personally, I’ve played bombardier and attacker, in br 3.7 to 6.3 and no problem.
I was able to select my different types of bombs and rockets with the bursts I wanted.

You could select your bombs and rockets but if you will try to ‘’ drop bomb series ‘’ you will find out that you cant do that no more cause of ‘’ drop bomb series command is blocked by active weapon selector ‘’ but before the update everything was fine.

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OK, indeed.
But it seems to me that this was already the case before.
In short, just disable the selection if you prefer to use the series rather than the bursts (salvo).
As far as I’m concerned, it’s not a bug.

Finally, there’s nothing to stop you making a bug report here:

“serries” and “bursts”. i’ve never heard of “bursts” where do i change that setting? or do you mean “ripple quantity”?

i just tested it in test flight.
without weapon selector on i can drop single bombs with normal key and the preset serries with the serries key.
in weapon selector it drops singe bombs on normal key and cant use serries key. if i then set ripple quantity to lets say 4, it drops 4 bombs on normal key, serries key does not work and i can no longer drop single bombs.
what i think most people would expect is for ripple quantity to replace the drop serries function when in selector mode and to still be able to drop singe bombs with normal key.


Even before the update, I had a button on my mouse that let me rocket by 1 or 2 depending on the plane.
However, as soon as weapon selection is activated, this button no longer works. To fire rockets, I have to either select them and fire them using the spacebar.
Or I have to deactivate “weapon selection” to be able to fire my rockets with my mouse key, and my bombs with the default space key.

In short, it’s a technical choice for a different tactical approach.

that makes sense.
I however think that this is creating confusion when you have a plane with 2 types of missiles and two types of bombs. because you have to be in selector mode to choose what missile you want to fire. but being able to choose missiles takes away the ability to choose between dropping a singe bomb or a serries of bombs.
so its not only a tactical choice it also takes away functions when going from one to the other.
i would guess that people (me included) would like the ability to both choose between missiles and at the same time be able to drop either one or many bombs without having to exit the selector mode.

i hope this made sense.


I understand and I agree.

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Definitely something broken … some planes it works. B57 I just flew, bomb series just doesn’t work, and weapon selection is off. Other planes, totally fine. It used to work…

Guys, there is something that can make you drop 2/4/8/16 bombs m, and some aircrafts also have a [S] for bomb series when using the weapon selector.

So, you guys should just bind one key.
(I just don’t remember which one it was) ^^"

I’ve been having an issue related to this since the update, but it also broke my controls in general.

read this:

Still not,… just that you don’t know how to configure then controls the drops,… i’m using the weapon selector, and i do drop in series.

The issue I have is that before the updates, I could use the drop series keybind instead of using series from the weapon selector. The difference seems to be that with the keybind, it drops the bombs all together at once, whereas with the weapon selector on S, it drops them in order. The issue this creates is that if you’re flying quickly, it might take too long to release all your bombs.