Selecting weapons and firing in salvo

Hello everyone.

Tired of dropping your big bombs on the bases and the smaller ones on the airfield?
Do you want to fire your Aim-9Ls before your Aim-7Es?
Want to save your 20mm ammunition and only fire your 30mm gun?

It can be done, and we’ll show you how.
Just follow the guide.

!! Detail !! that tutorial are a traduction with Deepl of my work in french section. Images are in french, copy/past form the original topic.

-1°) Locating commands
Let’s start by looking at where these commands are located.

Click Here: Commands

-2°) Commands functions

Click Here: Commands details

  • A) Fire primary weapons
    This command is used to fire the selected primary weapons (cannon of various calibres or machine guns). See point “D

  • B) Fire secondary weapons
    Used to fire or drop secondary weapons (bombs, rockets, missiles, etc.). See “E” for selection.

  • C) Exit selected weapon mode This command cancels weapon selection.
    This command cancels the weapon selection and switches to using the basic commands. It is therefore a good idea to keep the commands you are used to using affected and to duplicate the firing of secondary weapons on these commands (“add”). Weapons will be launched or dropped in the default order. This is the same for on-board weaponry.
    For example
    On the Phantoms: fire the Aim-7 before the Aim-9
    On the He 177 A-5: 1800Kg bombs are dropped before the 500Kg bombs.

  • D) Switch primary weapons
    Used to select on-board weapons of different calibres or functions.

Click Here: Main weapons selection

!! Détail !! : Pod guns are considered to be main weapons 
Click Here: Pods canons/MG

  • E) Switch secondary weapons.
    Now we come to the last command, which you’ve probably been waiting for all along: the one that lets you select which weapon you want to drop into the gums of your opponents. This will allow you, for example, to fire your Aim-9 missiles before the Sparrows or drop your 500Kg bombs on the bases before the 1800Kg.
Click Here: Secondary weapons selection on Mirage III

Click Here: Secondary weapons selection on He177 A-5

!! Détail !! : Aiming aids for bombs or rockets are not apparent if the weapon is not selected.

-3°) Salvo firing of secondary weapons
When a secondary weapon is selected, it is also possible to select the burst firing mode and the amount of ammunition fired/dropped. In this firing mode, pressing the fire button on the secondary weapon once will fire the number of rounds selected for the burst.

Salvos can be of 2, 4, 8 or 16 rounds (unless the aircraft is carrying less than 16 rounds. For example, if the aircraft is carrying 10 bombs, the burst will be 2, 4, 8 or 10).

Salvo fire selection command

Click Here: Sélection mode de tir par salve

Chaque action sur la commande passera à l’option de salve suivante.

!! Detail !! In "Continuous fire" mode, the effect is identical to the "Drop chain bombs" or "Fire a salvo of rockets" commands (see commands). The ammunition is dropped/fired as long as the fire button is held down.

-4°) Emmergency dropping secondary weapons
In certain combat situations, you may want to get rid of unnecessary weapons (such as bombs or rockets that weigh you down in air-to-air combat). You can do this with the following command:

Click Here: Emergency drop command

!!! ATTENTION !!! Secondary weapons dropped with the emergency command are not armed and therefore do not explode when they hit the ground (even bombs).
For a munition to explode on the ground, it must be fired with the secondary weapon firing button

-5°) Salvo dropping of decoys
Countermeasures (Flares or chaffs) can also be automatically salvo-dropped.
To do this, here are the necessary commands.

Click Here: Countermeasure command

You can set your countermeasures bursts in two places:
In the hangar: with a plane/helicopter AFFECTED TO A CREW, when setting up a test flight:

Click Here: Setting countermeasures salvo in flight test

Or at the start of an air battle:

Click Here: Setting counter measures salvo in battle

This concludes this guide.

While these controls add a little more complexity, they also offer welcome flexibility in the management of weapons (especially secondary weapons), which are becoming increasingly diversified and whose default firing order is sometimes not adapted to what you want to do. They allow players to adapt what they want to shoot according to the situation.

I hope you’ve found this one useful. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and ask your questions.