New roles and objectives for helicopters in PvE

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This is a suggestion for adding new roles for helicopters to perform in the game. These are aimed primarily towards helicopter PvE, as implementing them there would not change the gameplay of the other game modes.

There are several types of vehicles in War Thunder, all designed for different roles.
Planes have fighters, bombers, naval, interceptors, attackers, and strike aircraft. Ground vehicles have light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and SPAA. Naval has battleships, cruisers, light cruisers, heavy cruisers etc. Each of the aforementioned vehicle type is able to perform its respective role in the game. As for helicopters, we have scout helicopters, utility helicopters, and attack helicopters. Despite this, these helicopters are all confined to performing the role of an attack helicopter. In Heli PvE matches, this leaves less capable helicopters with little to nothing do, as many of the objectives are completed before they can even reach them.

Snail pls

Currently, PvE objectives consist only of the following:
Destroying Convoys
Destroying bases
Destroying Attackers/bombers
Capturing objectives

Suggested Objectives:
Cargo Transport
Example: “Move cargo to E7”

Cargo and Resupply


Search and Rescue
Example: “Rescue downed pilot at F6”


Troop Transport
Example: “Transport troops to any Helipad” or “Transport troops to D8”


Example: “Locate targets at C4”

Anti-ship warfare
Example: “Destroy cruiser at E7”

All of the assets and mechanics required for these addictions already exist in the game with the exception of Anti-ship weapons for helicopters.


  • Engaging helicopter gameplay
  • Less helicopter CAS spam in ground RB
  • More players willing to play helicopters
  • Possibilities for new helicopters to be added
  • Core gameplay in other game modes would
    remain unchanged
  • Gives reason to add new premium helicopters

I really like to see AI helis


I love helicopters. The more I can do in matches the better.


Would honestly be a wonderful idea, and would attract more player into playing helis


love it

Cooking something up right now in the CDK.

I want to see like a “destroy forward radar outpost” objective, where its like a radar truck and a few machine guns defending it. Mostly this idea comes from the Task Force Normandy attack at the very beginning of the Desert Storm air campaign, where 8 AH-64As and 4 MH-53s took out a radar station that could have warned the rest of Iraq of the offensive that was just starting; clearing an air corridor for the rest of the Coalition air assets.
Maybe flying too high, where the forward radar can spot you, results in additional defenses being deployed (spawned in) at the outpost? Since the Task Force Normandy strike was achieved by flying in at very low altitude, to avoid the radar station they were going to destroy actually detecting them.


I plan on having different base types that each perform a different role. There is a radar truck in the files so I’ll just stick it on one of the default bases and give it some SAMs to defend it. There’s a massive city at the end of the Afghanistan map that I plan to heavily defend. I’ll stick the radar installations at the edge of the city.

soldiers look a little outdated but other than that its perfect.
(by a little I mean the guns are old lol)

Unfortunately, the only infantry skins available in the files are from WW2. Cold War and semi modern skins would be awesome though.