New jets and their impact on AIRRB (discussion)

as seen in the new trailer, the F15, SU27, JAS39 and Super Mirage 4K are coming in the next update, very exciting

let me be clear: to the public eye, as far as we know as players, AMRAAMs/R77s/etc… were not seen in the trailer nor confirmed for this patch (i will correct if a valid source proving otherwise is linked), while they are expected and not all content has been shown for the patch, we dont know yet

this thread is to discuss the positive/negative things that players see coming (confirmed or speculative) in the “Air Superiority” update relating to these new jets.

have at it!

Su-27 is going to dominate for the next while (until Fox 3s most likely) with its insane a2a loadout (6x R27ER/ET, 4x R73)

M4k will be pretty cool, Magic 2s and M530Ds along with a pretty cracked a2g loadout

F15 is going to be a side-grade over the F14A/B, nothing really special especially considering the TV bombs and AIM-7M/AIM-9M/L

Gripen is DOA lol, AIM-9L (since Sweden never used 9M to my knowledge) only means its stuck with F-16a block 10 levels of a2a capabilities

But yeah as I suspected it looks like RU is going to get to strike back hard against the F16C


Can’t wait to be spammed by R27ERs and R27ETs with my mere AIM-7Ms which cant even manage to fly straight

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Just going to be even less compelling gameplay and even more missiles that the game has devolved into.

well thats how modern air combat

Yep, and it ruins the game because what works in reality doesn’t work well for gameplay, if only they kept their word when they said they wouldn’t add missiles because point and click was stupid.


@Smin1080p With all due respect - I sincerely hope you guys didn’t edge the Swedish mains for an entire year waiting for a new jet only to have it be DOA with a worse a2a load out than the D Viggen which at least got some sky flashes… It would even struggle against last update’s jets (F16C, MIG29SMT), let alone these new F15’s and SU27’s.

I hope we get fox 3’s during dev server/stream or at least a gimped Iris-T

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Su27 can carry only 2 r27et

ETs as modeled suck, ERs are better and iirc it can take ERs in the ET mounts but not the other way around

I would assume the Su-27 will receive an artificial balance nerf limiting it to two ET/ER, while the other four “big” missiles have to be T/R only

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Air RB needs a rework now more than ever. Modern jets are not compatible with the current IR furball 16v16 clusterfuck.


Yes in order to introduce AMRAAMs they need to reduce the number of players and make the maps bigger as well as spread the objectives more so that players dont instantly head to the same direction and create as massive BVR furball. I would suggest adding multiple spawn points like in ground RB and fix their RWR issues aswell as remove the nerfs on AMRAAMs when ppl fly low to the ground so that it encourages people to stop flying low 24/7 and actually engage in BVR combat.


They seriously need to rework Air RB for this, its becoming essential.

I havent played top tier ARB in ages because its awful in its current state, while I am very excited for these new jets, they are going to make that even worse


I suggest voting and commenting here:

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Gaijin be like: should we get other nations that dont have jets up to the standards of everyone else?

No better just keep sending them into the shadow realm.


The vehicles are awesome BUT the Air RB Game Mode is terrible…

With this update, there’s going to be even more planes with lots of very advanced missiles - 10 on the Su-27…

The game mode is just not ready for this.

Air RB is completely out of date. If Gaijin were creating War Thunder today, we all know they would NOT create the current aviation game modes.

They don’t work for anyone, anymore. Upper tier matches barely last 5 minutes and most of that time is spent taking off and flying towards the match.

God forbid you do get into a scuffle with an enemy at the beginning of the match, you just get 3rd party’d by one of his 15 other teammates. It’s far from fun and has just turned into a bare bones ripoff of Air Arcade. Not to mention some maps have a completely broken ticket count so that if you do last to the end, the match just ends because AI planes ran the enemy out of tickets.


Air RB right now is ONLY designed for grinders. It’s nobody’s mode. It doesn’t cater to hardcore PVP players and it doesn’t cater to Objective-based PVE players.

At a minimum, Air RB needs a new game mode or a complete rework.

I’d love to see an Air RB Enduring Confrontation with respawning and longer match times and more strategic objectives. I dont think a copy-paste of Sim EC is the way to go but rather they should take a lesson from how Ground RB works and apply it to Air RB.

Even without my “dream mode” being added,

AT A BARE MINIMUM, we desperately need the following:

  • Multiple airfields for larger maps

  • Reduced team size for smaller maps - 16 vs 16 for Air
    RB is ridiculous for some of these maps.

  • fix the auto ticket bleed. Some maps are just broken
    (ie City…)

  • Spread out the AI ground targets to discourage a
    single furball.

  • Aircraft carriers for maps with water

  • Naval AI targets to attack for maps with water

The current state of upper tier Air RB is insulting and i still can’t believe we’re still working with this mode that feels like a Test Drive or a mode for a game in beta…


They acknowledge the issue many years ago, they weren’t going to add missiles because point and click gameplay was not fun, but obviously money takes the front seat to anything else, the game is a joke with missiles, the game is not designed for it, they do not offer interesting gameplay and the entire game has just devolved into buying a premium to turn your brain off to grind a mode over and over and over and over.


People should really consider giving Sim a try. It’s not just a mindless cluster of red markers firing at each other. Dogfights are much more prevalent, and you can do them without getting 3rd partied everytime. Also, you don’t have to worry about uptiers!

Don’t be afraid to learn a new control system. Many players in Sim are successful with mouse-joy or controller. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to setup mouse-joy and other controls. The cool thing about Sim is the better you get, the more rewarding the game feels.

You get better at spotting targets, recognizing targets, using your radar as a real tool, communicating with your team, and of course advanced ACM. When these skills start coming together for you, it’s an exciting experience.

Sim controls are outright not fun without a joystick etc, and tons of extremely sweaty people with entire setups and years of experience that also make it not fun to be a new player.
All whilst the mode has been ignored and excluded from most things for the last decade and not counting for dailies, events, battlepasses and you can’t play what you want half the time due to rotation.