New cockpit sight behaviour

So since the new update, we’ve got some new automated behaviour for the cockpit sight.

First I dont actually mind. When you cycle through weapon, it will now auto-select the appropriate cockpit sight for the weapon (bomb for bombs, Rocket for Rockets, etc) . (i’d kinda prefer to do this manually, but its okay)

But the second I think is actually really really bad:

changing your cockpit sight mode, now changes your weapon selection. So if you want to go from “Cannon on ground target” to “standard” and happen to have rockets and/or bombs. You have to cycle through rockets or bomb sight modes on your way back to standard, but swapping to standard doesnt reselect AAMs. So you may be in the middle of a dogfight, wanting to select standard sight mode for an easier time with your guns, to find randomly your AAMs are no longer selected. Not ideal when in a dogfight

(there is also times where I want to pre-empt bomb sight mode, but I dont want to pre-empt bomb selection)

Bug report submitted for this, as this feels way too buggy for it not to be a bug: // Issues

But if its not, I really hope they revert these changes. or better yet, add toggle options for both. It sucks