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I’ve just done some testing in test-flight. No wonder I was struggling with spotting enemies/target-id, they don’t render!

This seems to be a widespread bug in this patch, at least, I’ve seen the same thing mentioned on Reddit.

@Gunjob is there an open/internal report for it?

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Been heavily reported on the forums too. Though I think its always been pretty bad for VR

The rendering problems are a very old bug. You have no idea how many of my deaths are to invisible Migs or Mirages, rendering both them and their missiles 1s before impact. Fun.

If you take a single dumb bomb in your central pylon. Then you can access the CCIP/CCRP sight modes with Guided bombs. It is stupid you have to do that, but does work.

Can you elaborate on this? I’ve had no issues firing an AAM

if you turn on the pods laser. Then you get a green marker on the target (/whatever your pod is aimed at), that apperas outside the cockpit HUD. I think its strictly speaking a bug, but really handy for tracking both air and ground targets

Hi bud,
I was indeed using a single dumb bomb on the central pylon.

Regarding sight modes, I just mean that if you have AAM’s selected, it won’t let you use the bomb sight mode, which means no FLIR pod tracking on the HUD at the same time. Firing works fine!

Will now try with the laser enabled… I could have sworn it was on but perhaps I miss clicked!

Cheers as always, all the best :)

I’ve been finding the laser likes to toggle itself off randomly at the moment. It might also not be display in VR. Always possible. I dont have VR so couldnt say either way.

And the AAM issue. I take it its this gem they shadow added this patch

That really really sucks. Fine additions, if they were togglable

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It is indeed that gem. Just tested the laser marker. In VR, it floats about in random positions… so it’s rendering incorrectly. I’m going to try and force the 2D bit of WT to be the same resolution/aspect ratio as the VR eye panel, that can sometimes correct such things.

I restarted the game, messed with the post FX settings, and the half-rendered planes are a bit easier to spot, but genuinely, if I tilt my head side to side, they vanish and reappear. I’m going to have to fly like a bobble head. I’m guessing it’s to do with pixel availability (a line vs a dot as I tilt my head), but wow…


I dont actually see the laser marker in either screenshot, so maybe it just doesnt work in VR. This is what it looks like for me:


(Interestingly, it appears not to capture in screenshots)

To keep this on topic, this is 100% a trick that can be done on the Tornado Gr1 and is just as beneficial. handy trick for CCRP too as the camera snaps to the target points, meaning you can see markers outside the HUD

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Is this specific to VR?

Bit of light reading.

Try disabling Dynamic LUT in the PostFX settings. Im not sure if it will help or not, but I did read someone else suggesting that so worth a try

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the rendering issue seems to be worse with this update before planes would render in and out at very long distances, but now at medium range, it also seems to be the case and when your at dogfight range just being able to visually id the plane seems harder now.

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Why is the slat fix taking so long? Is that particular issue so unique that it’s harder to implement on Tornados? Will the turn performance be at least competitive with slatless phantoms? here’s a cool interview with an F3 pilot. At 12:41 he starts comparing ways of acquiring targets with aim-9 on Phantom vs F3, and says that on the f3 the seeker of the missile could be slewed by a lever. I found it interesting but I don’t think this could be implemented to the game in any practical way

I thought both had PCHP’s 🤔

It could be easly. IRL tornado has a second pilot, that does these things, but i wt you fly alone, so it is not possible for someone else to do this. That is where a feature we already have in game comes in. HMD. It could be implemented with no problems, as in planes like tornado HMD was not mounted, due to a copilot.

Might be all the edge the Tornado F3 to help with the minor uptiers. Im actually rather looking forward to using a HMD jet (im guessing Gr9A will be our first) , as I only play britain, i’ve never used the system and it sounds like it could be quite fun and handy to have in a fight

It sure is handy. I hope that this HMD-thingy getts added eventualy, as it affects multiple 2 seated planes IIRC, for example some mirages.

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GR.4 had a HMD (HMCS) late in it’s career. Was primarily for air-to-ground situational awareness and targeting, since it was a UOR for Afghanistan.
No idea if it integrated with AIM-9 and ASRAAM on Tornado, but it was supposed to be capable of doing so when the initial version of the system was installed on Jaguar GR.3.

DERA also ran trials with a HMD on a Tornado ADV (F.2A TIARA), including a helmet-steered FLIR installed on top of the nose. But F.3 didn’t get a HMD in the end.

Appears it wasn’t, the manuals from 2006 don’t mention it, and if I recall I remember reading or hearing pilots complain about the lack of a HMS.