New BR changes are super dumb

How is it that every time Gaijin does anything good, they screw up the next update? What is the point of these changes? There was a bit of decompression and now they move tank up just because.

Good to know that 2S38 and VIDAR are still cancerously undertiered, Tigers I can now face IS-3 and many line-ups are now ruined.


Tiger I 5.3-5.7
IS3 7.0


Tiger E not H1

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Tiger E 5.7 IS 3 7.0
like since when do we have 1.3BR MM

Tiger H is 5.7. The Tiger E is 6.0 as per the planned BR changes.

Concerns about it fighting IS-3s is valid.


Wait do you have a link? I have no news about any BR changes

Ok found it and agree.

IS 3 needs to go up to 7.3 better 7.7 same for IS 6. IS 4M also needs to go up as does the IS 7 and Obj 279.
Like most current 7-0 tanks up to top BR need to go up by 0.7 or 0.3. This change will just put the Compression of old 6.7 and 6.3 back to where it was last patch


Gaijin has just moved a part of BR and never cares about the others, I can’t imagine how to use M26 to deal with tiger 2 and jagtiger…

same thing happened in 9.0-10.0, Leopard 1 or ZTZ 88 need to face T72B and 2s38 LOL


Meanwhile Jagpanther at 6.0 xD

The IS-6 and IS-4M should certainly not be going up. All of the post war heavies sit at 7.7 and they’re all a bit iffy, the IS-4M having the worst penning gun of the lot.

Completely pointless changes, they moved 7.0 to 7.3 and 7.3 to 7.7 and now they moved 6.0 to 6.3 and 6.3 to 6.7… identical situation to how it was, and still completely pointless to play unless you’re Russia or France, what a complete waste of time.

These are the changes I would make if I wanted to impress the boss by appearing very busy and making all these changes when in fact I wasn’t doing anything at all.


The IS4 M is the lates post war heavy. The IS3 was a failure but the armour is bugged in game so it actually performs as advertised. The IS3 is superioir ro the T32E1 and similar to M103.

And btw the IS 2 served until 1998. So it is alao a post war tank…

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The point is, everyone is the same while, Russian ones didn’t move


Feels like a mixed bag as always, not super concerned about what they did move for the most part, German 5.3-5.7 should never have gone down to begin with, so that’s a positive change.

Mainly having an issue with some things that needed to to up or down that just aren’t, I’ll run these suggestions here before I throw them in the main thread, let me know if I missed anything;

The following is all for RB modes



2s38 10.0 —> 10.7

Bmp 2m 10.0 —> 10.3

TO-55 8.0 —> 8.3

Object 289 8.7 —> 9.0

T-34-57 (both models) 4.7 —> 5.0

KV-220 5.7 —> 6.0

IS-3 7.0 —> 7.3

XM 1 (both variants) 9.0/9.3 —> 9.7

M24 3.7 —> 4.0

Raketenautomat 8.0 —> 8.3

Leopard 1(L/44) 9.3 —> 9.7

Tiger IIH (both models) 6.7 —> 7.0

CV90105 10.0 —> 10.3


CCVL 10.0 —> 9.7

LOSAT 10.3 —> 9.7

M3a3 Bradley 10.3 —> 9.7

M18 GMC 5.7 —> 5.3

M4a2 (76) 5.3 —> 5.0

Freccia 10.0 —> 9.3

KF-41 10.7 —> 9.7

PUMA 10.0 —> 9.0

Cheiftain Mk.2/Mk.5 8.7 —> 8.0

Cheiftain Mk.10 9.0 —> 8.3

Rooikat 8.3 —> 8.0

TTD 10.0 —> 9.3

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Why moving Type 89 and Type 87(RCV) AGAIN? One is absolutely useless IFV, that is merely a bleak shadow of its former self with nerfed gun handling, nerfed ATGMs, nerfed firing capabilities and another one is huge unarmored wheeled thing without thermals or stab. Why? Just why?

Always good to read the topic title.

Anyway, mixed bag of changes. Good to see the SU122 go up. Was being used by people to farm new players. Shame about M26 and Tiger 2P, no ome will use them if they’re the same BR as better vehicles. Good to see T92 go up, same for Vidar. Weird that ZTZ88 is going 9.0, but you then have access to AFT09, so it will be okay.

Non-german mains: HaHa sToP CrYiNg lEaRn tO PlAy bRo tIgEr e cAn kIlL Is-3 fRoNtAlLy iF YoU ArE GoOd hAhA SkIlL IsSuEs iF YoU CaN’T BaRrEl tRaCk tOrTuRe 25 SeCoNdS ReLoAd vS 7 SeCoNdS ReLoAd nOoB GeRmAnY SuFfErS


We just need decompression to 14.0 or something like that, 6.0-8.7 is now going to be incredibly compressed.

Gaijin does decompression, then compresses it again 4 months llater.

Vidar needs to be at least 8.3 or they need to nerf something like it’s speed or remove the laser range finder. This thing moves faster than most light tanks.

The rest especially the WW2 getting pushed up, again why? Isn’t the intention of the road map was to try and separate the WW2 from Cold war?

I’m still fighting Cold War tanks in an up tier with the Ho-Ri Production so nothing has changed.


Sorry but “new BR changes sre dumb” is literally a topoc which popped up in the dozena. Just two days agao there was a similar topic opened regarding the last round of changes.

Maype OP should have opened a proper topic and linked the new list? Because as it stands he opened a copy and paste threat to cry withoit any info which coudl differentiate his from the others.

As I said and still stand by. Gajin has not posted the news on steam or their launcher, which are my source for updates.