New BR changes are super dumb

I agree with most of the increases.
Tiger II P and H have significant performance differences and should not share a BR.
IS3 needs to go to 7.7 it shoudl have hone to 7.3 in the last round and should naturally move up for decompression.
IS4M needs to go up as well.
IS 7 and Obj 279 also need ro go up by at least 0.7
TAM needs to fo up (LRF full stab and darts at 8.7 is disgusting)
There is more but I would need to open the game, which I currently can not do, to add them
I disagree with all decreses. A decrease causes compression and issues shoudl be moved up and away and not down.

They just keep moving stuff around in a very small range, for ages I say max BR should a least be 15, ideally even 20, to give some wriggle space to actually adjust vehicle BRs.

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Good luck to Gaijin selling Vidar to Arcade players at BR 8.0 !!

IS-7 to 9.0

Pretty nice way to kill yet another heavy.


Russians get moved too!

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And? It has no buisness fighting 7.3, 7.7, 8.0 or even 8.3 vehicles.

Ofc higher BRs need to be decompressed, but sorty to tell you. I do not care about compression at BRs next to noone plays. Most people play between 4.0 and 8.0 and we have massive compression between 7.0 and 9.0 so many people are affected. If we move the compression between 9.0 and 11.0 most people will not be affected. And the higher the compreasion lies the easier it is to fix. So if gajin refuses to move everything up by .3 or.7 at once, starting at 7.3, then I will settle with a decompreasion between 1.0 and 8.0 first.
The new changes put the old 5.7 to 6.7 compression which we finally removed last patch back in place while also keeping the 7.3 to 9.3 compression caused by the last changes. So now we have 6.0 to 9.3 compression. Great.
And the only winners are soviet heavy tanks as they all stay despite outperforming any and all competition for years.

So you want IS-4M to face 9.0 cold war/modern tanks with thermal & apfsds?


If it decompresses the most played BRs? Yes.

Do I want it in general? No.
In general I want decompreasion for all BRs so that the IS 6, 3 4M, leo 1, Tiger I and II, Shermans and so on all can be free to onky face tanks between 50% stonger/weaker than themselfs.
Right now we have between 100% and 500% difference.

Only thing I’d disagree with is here, reload isn’t especially nasty and you still have stabilized darts around the same range, plus the armor and mobility is fine, tank seems good at 8.7 but not too good, on the other hand, remind me, does the TAM 2IP share it’s br still? If so that would be something to throw on the list.

The II went up with the A1A1… for some reason. Like the A1A1 is weaker than the TAM (slower, slightly more amroum) same gun worse reload, less survivable and no LRF.

This explains that Gaijin needs to change many, many vehicles to higher, they just need to expand the BR to 13.0 or more.


Post war heavies are in such a weird spot, it’s almost like they shouldn’t ever be good because there’s no reasonable middle ground between absolute battlefield goliath that ruins a whole bracket and useless hunk of steel, I’m of the philosophy that I’d rather heavies be too weak than too strong, but if you want to disagree with that point, I won’t argue too much.

Even by expanding ground BRs up to air, that 0.7 of wiggle room could make a ton of difference.

What’s wrong with IS-7 going against 7.7 or 8.0 vehicles ?
Leopard I, M60 and many others at 8.0 can almost lolpen IS-7 from the front. You also forget about ATGM slingers around 7.7 than can also effortlessly deal with IS-7 as well.

Saying that IS-7 has no business fighting 8.3 vehicles that are often stabilized and have darts is simply outrageous to say the least.

Lol, you are simply out of your mind at the moment.


The whole system is compressed as would be a submarine at 10km depth,… too much.

The whole game needs decompression,…

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Sure buddy. ATGMs have recently benn nerfed to the point of being next to useless in any ground vehicle. HEATFS and HEAT have been underperforming for years. APDS has also lost most of its angle performance in the recent rework.
The IS 7 has never had less “lolpen” enemies then now.

IS7 is absurdly stable for what it is. It can compete with stabs simply becaue it does not need to aim, while most stab tanks still need to aim for spots where they can either pen or avoid Volumetric, or deal post pen damage, the IS 7 can simply shoot and lol angle pen most tanks anywhere and kill them with the ultr realistic APHE post pen damage.

And you are missquoting me just for your own wanking.

I beg to differ.
Sure, they won’t necessarily OHK a vehicle with 5-6 crew members, but they are more than enough to seriously cripple any vehicle in one hit.

Had no problems using even lower caliber (such as 76mm) HEAT slingers. Same thing as with ATGMs, they don’t have the power to OHK heavier targets, but are more than capable of crippling them with a single shot.

It still can frontally pen IS-7, only APDS that’s really bad is from Britain.

It still isn’t fully stabilized and that will make you miss shots. Another moot point.

By the time you put your gun on the enemy, he already fired his dart or HEAT that will disable your gunner and commander, or worse.

Nah, I just exposed you for saying dumb crap like that.
You don’t care about BRs you frequently don’t play at, we get it, no need to further dig your own grave.

Simply put, anyone that thinks IS-7 should be 9.0 or above, and that it has no business seeing 8.3 vehicles, and I don’t say this often, really needs to git gud at this game.

That’s a hell of a reach when it was designed during WW2 for WW2. What weird logic.

So it seems I tend to stay at BR 3.7 to 4.3. Mostly it feels the best at this moment. Time will tell if I go higher …

You’re living in fantasy land if you think the 279 should be the same BR or higher than T-72 or T-64. 9.0 is the max it should go. Then it gets to reunite with BMD4 and BMP3 to make you all have a whine, again.