Kings of Battle - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

I know a few that are, but they’re not in the gaming genre and rather in an Industrial setting

It was 1901 that Australia gained independence, actually.

If its to do with the internet… good luck :P

yea I guess

wrong thread to discuss the BR changes


There are other threads that have been created, but the best suggestion, as it appears you are focusing on a few specific examples, would be to create a dedicated, detailed thread, pertaining to those changes.

Hopefully we get some cool devblogs this week! Excited to see what drops tomorrow!

It’s really simple.

M1A1 AIM is built by US, used by US and a modified variant is sold to Australia.

India modified their T90s.

The only reason people make this to be more complicated than it seems is because it’s a US tank and they want different rules for US tanks.

The SK105 vs Skink issue, for example. The French absolutely needed the SK105 because it uses a turret design based on French turrets. The US definitely didn’t need the Skink, despite being based on a US tank and used US built components.

Hunter F58 is a British aircraft, built in the Britain, used by the RAF (in fact several sold to the swiss were former RAF aircraft). it was then sold to the Swiss who made some modifications to it.

India may have modified their T-90s but still a T-90, by the rules of the M1A1 AIM and the Canadian leopard, should still have gone to the Soviet Tree.

The US did not use the M1A1 AIM that Australia Modified. They may have used the same tank, but specificlally giving them the Australian version was unncessary and created TT complication (not saying it had to come to the Britian TT) they could have just as easily recieved the US version

ah yes the US tank that was Modified and build by the Canadians

and I know tHe ShErMaN iS aMeRiCaN no the “Sherman” this thing is based on is a Canadian domestic Redesign

Thats a good point. If we start getting into the extreme overlaps then US AV-8B+ for the British TT? Its a British Jet the americans modified :P

It’s no more unnecessary than giving Germany the Leopard C2A.

Ok, so how is if any different than the SK105?

Last I checked the Grizzly was built by Canada. Aka a domestic version of the Sherman, the only thing the US had to do with it was that the original blueprints were theirs but Canada had made their own modifications including a domestic radio and after some time CDP tracks.


since oxy said theres something interesting gonna be this whole week, i wonder what todays devblog is gonna be


Am I forgetting what he said, or didn’t he just say that the devblog that could have been released yesterday is for a vehicle that some people would have found interesting?

He knows how to take a beating, I’ll give him that.

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Any Devblogs today? We haven’t got one since 10/13

Since Oxy said that one could have come out yesterday, yet it wasn’t, yes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got two.

maybe one tech tree vehicle and a map or a premium, like the TO-55