Nerf Scharnhorst Armor or make it 8.0

This thing is the definition of overpowered, armor that can withstand any ships shells at any range, literally unkillable with a good crew, reaching unheard of values like 1200 MM effective armor. Literally unsinkable if the user of the ship decides not to repair. If it was so good then how come this ship did not kill the entire British navy on its own?


@Rileyy3437 @Morvran thoughts on this? Diving shells or direct 90* belt hits nothing can pen this magic unicorn ship

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Yeah, that is insane

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Yes it is.


This is ludicrous and hopefully just an error with the penetration calculator, the HMS Hood’s 15-inch guns had vastly higher arcing compared to HMS Duke of York and the shells from DoY plunged right through her deck and turtleback, and I don’t have British top tier, but it does do a good job of illustrating just how behind Britain is in naval.

Britain is the predominant user of diving shells which was proven to be the most effective doctrine for naval artillery in-line with Britains favouring of longer range engagements to cripple a ship, before closing in to finish it off (see the hunting of the Bismarck). The maps are not big enough for the arc to fully form or for range to play an effect, and also this means that blank penetration as seen on German and Soviet ships across a shallow arc ends up being more effective. Oh and lets not forget that the most accurate guns of the war according to the US, are British, so whatever that bullshit dispersion stat for the Scharnhorst is, change it or buff the Hoods.

It is effectively a nation specific nerf.

And to add on to this, even if it were historical, that would put Scharnhorst (and Kronshtadt) on a better level than Hood, so why has Britain not been provided with an alternative competitor (and yes there are absolutely loads of options). Britain has no business being an underdog in naval, rather than giving Russia an unfinished BC, they could have added the R-Class BB.

Rather than adding in a copy-paste of Marlborough/Sachsen they could’ve added the QE class.

Of all the insults in the game, the Royal navy being considered the most minor nation second only to France is the biggest. Based on Gaijin’s previous comments, people with more will receive more, and I broke it down. Britain has the most.


Krohnstadt doesnt even COME CLOSE in terms of armor to scharnhorst. I agree with the rest.


Oh I know, but she’s still somehow more effective than Hood, Hood is the worst (artificially) of the 7.0 Battlecruisers (excluding Alaska but she is a BC only in WT).

Oh another thing is that the UK’s top tiers are older than many of their peers, and thus have worse gun handling which on a short map where engagements begin immediately is a big deal.

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If only gaijin cared about naval


Imagine that I have a kd 8.0 on scharnchorts and a crew on an ace, I am waiting for a bismarck that will load similarly to a scharnchort or it will have 380mm guns, and then everyone will see how gaijn doesn’t give a shit about ships and doesn’t look at the balance

I think if they add submarines and move towards more historically well known ships (ahem Warspite would be really balanced atm), then they will see more naval players and therefore a rework.

But also they need to redo the system, the current set-up is not suitable for an entry level player and the progression is god awful. The RP boosts promised in the roadmap would be most useful for naval.

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Can’t wait for them to leave the UK with Hood against Bismarck for historical purposes…

I also can’t wait for Bismarck’s highly outdated armour scheme to dominate naval and somehow be the most effective.

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I’m going to make you sad but in wt the armor scheme that the Germans have is the best because it’s made for close combat, from the times of ww1, while ww2 other countries have moved away from it, but the Germans not looking that in wt maps have a maximum of 15km, and the fight takes place at 10-8km German ships outclass everyone at close

Let’s start with the fact that in this game the ships have 100% accuracy pre Dreadnought ikoma, it is somehow able to hit a small destroyer at 10km while moving, which is absurd

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What you show is a mistake, or you deliberately set it at such an angle to show such an absurd number, I myself play Scharnchorts I know that it is quite easy to sink it, it is not like it used to be

Oh I know, because even though it wastes displacement, within 13KM the BL 15-inch naval gun doesn’t get enough effective arc to properly deal with the armour scheme, which at the moment seems to be able to counter the shell anyway if those penetration calculator SC’s are to be believed.

When they get Bismarck they will finally realise what it means to see a ship that is built to fight according to their doctrine in the KGV but by a nation who actually knew how to build a WW2-era ship.

The KGV class was based on a study that suggested (wrongly) that the high velocity, light shell combination was the most effective, so Britain built the ships with very thick belts and high velocity 14-inch guns similarly to Scharnhorst’s and Kronshtadt’s 11 inch guns.

But whilst Bismarck’s 15’s struggled to pen the KGV, KGV penned through the thickest parts of her armour.

Aye, still based on the game’s code both Scharnhorst’s and Kronshtadt’s guns have a lower dispersion stat, that I would certainly want changing particularly as the Scharnhorst’s guns were tested in the study and proven to be more inaccurate than the BL-15’s. Either way Hood’s gotta be buffed.

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Use to be though. When she was new, she was almost unsinkable, took a year or two to get fixed

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Anyway, gaijn doesn’t give a shit about ships, and will probably add a bismarck yamato, without changing the maps or improving the balance, just to add ships and then there will be crying, yamato vs hood, etc.


By that point the US mains will have Iowa and unless Iowa gets the Tomahawks they will rudely be shown Yamato and Soyuz (if implemented unrealistically), stomped everything the UK and US have as Iowa and Lion are comparable.

By that point they will want Montana and I will want Lion at 70,000 tonnes.

It is the HARDEST ship to sink,if you can even sink it. And eats any shell for entire match durations. Maybe stop repairing?


I’d give the Iowa mk23 missiles right away, and the match would be over in 10 seconds, and the balance problem would be solved, the yamato would be such a powerful ship that it wouldn’t be possible without adding ships for other nations that were only on paper

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