Nerf base AA

For the love of god nerf the Anti air at bases its anoying asf getting shot down most the time when trying to bomb


Mhm - either you mean with “bases” airfield (af) and you are not aware of the 4 km “bubble of death” at prop BRs provided by af aaa or you mean bombing points (“bases”) and you gtet killed by midmap aaa.

For af aaa we have a pinned thread and since the last update midmap aaa should leave you alone if u drop on bombing points.

What is it?

No, he is right, base AA are implemented in the game with the new update, and it’s really annoying. They are at 9.0 BR range, I don’t tested other BRs yet.

And it feels like they are shooting more and better then the normal field AA.

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yea lol ive died 6 times in F-16C today from ai units on ground lol its pretty bad er accurate