Neglected state of Japanese Top MBTs

As long as there are no MAWs on modern jets, it can absolutely clap even F16s and Mirage 2000s that don’t pay to much attention. It’s basically like the Chinese TY-90, but ground launched and on steroids

He was asking about IFV

Damn I get confused with all the Type - xx. Yeah no type89 isn’t top tier material lol

Japan ground includes: 3.7, 4.7, 6.7, 7.3, 8.3, 9.X, 11.0, and 11.7.
That is far from sparse.

Not if they’re building better simulations.

The Type 10s are not the worst off. They are glass cannons but their armor is not so bad on paper for only 44ts better then the Ariete. But there still some things that could be better. Its acceleration is lacking to what it should be by a lot.

Its armor while not bad for such a light tank is still worthless so you have to be more careful. Ther are other issues that have been apparently reported like one i saw that mentioned its hull armor is backwards and upside down…

But they have good firepower, reload and great optics and thermals. So for me at least i really just want to see that acceleration be brought up to realistic values one way or another. The Type 10s niche should be zipping around the battlefield and getting to positions extremely quick.


Yeah no…that thing has been nerfed so much i rather play a bmp.


Armor changes and firepower are completely in mercy of Snails will, what we can demand is bugs to be fixed.

Max speed is good but acceleration and speed retention are also important. ZTZ99A accelerates like a rocket for example.

You’re kidding us with that “decent” Type-89, right?


Soviet and Russian tanks have regenerative steering as well. In fact plenty of WW2 vehicles have regenerative steering as well. Its just not of the same quality that NATO tanks have.

Yes, and they’re much less efficient.

NATO tanks have better mobility IRL, ingame they don’t.

This is ahistorical and with present win rates has zero justification.


Mobility yes. Top speed no, the only tank that might surpass the T-80 in top speed would be the leclerc but thats a strong maybe as I am only remembering stuff off the top of my head rn.

I mean, even within nato tanks there are some significant incoherences.
The Leclerc has the second worst neutral steering speeds of all NATO tanks behind the challenger in game, while being IRL one of the lightest tank, with the same horsepower as the others, and using a Hyperbar system that should make it extremely reactive at low RPMs, and has always been considered as one of the most nimble western MBTs alongside the type 10


He’s just your typical “tourist”, dude didn’t even bother researching Japanese vehicles.


It makes me incredibly mad that Gaijin refuses to acknowledge this still to this day.


ahh yea, I hate the bouncing on these tanks. I go fast and all of sudden my tank be doing this slowing me down by a lot lol Like have a seizure or something. I go to low rider mode and does this too. It’s frustrating.

Ye, I always saw the Type 10s like modern US M18 tanks but just more deadly.

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That would be the ariete, the type 10 at least have some armor

ZTZ99A are the top tier hellcats, despite its okay armor the LFP is an instant trip back to the hanger screen, as well as anything that isnt frontal
Arietes are like VFW at top tier, absolutely no armor but most peoples who shoot them tends to get gaijined 1/5 of the times and i often took shots that are meant to kill the tank

surely the sweden suffers the most

that miracle that they are only minor nation that become stronger than major nation despite tanks they are using are from Germany lol