Neglected state of Japanese Top MBTs

I don’t know where else to write this because feedback with Gaijin is non-existent, any “uncomfortable” questions being just ignored. I realize “my favorite tank” is not the only subject to bugs and negligence, so I’ll try to substantiate my position and will provide examples.
Type 10/TKX/TKX(P) are top of the line vehicles, people spend their time and money grinding those. Also first member - Type 10 was released almost two years ago, yet known issues are still present impacting the gameplay on these tanks. I’m talking about mobility issues:

  1. Incorrect hull and/or suspension model results in bumping and jumping on even moderately uneven terrain ( resulting in substantial speed loss. In completely lowered hull this problem occurs even on completely flat surfaces( The most infuriating thing about this bug is that we have Type 90 - which was released before Type 10, and Object 775 - which was released recently, and both doesn’t have this issue despite having adjustable suspension. As you can tell from the first video it can get pretty ridiculous leading to situations where you are left vulnerable when trying to cross open spaces fast. Here is bug report for this that is dated back May 4th 2022 ( // Issues) And we are still waiting.
  2. Acceleration being slower than predecessor - Type 90, despite having more advanced transmission. (, in provided comparison Type 10 has Aces while Type 90 doesn’t even have Experts.

Also here is IRL side by side comparison (, you can clearly see Type 10 advantage. Here is bug report but moderator refers to this as “not a problem” because Type 10s have continuous variable transmission which is not realized in game ( // Issues).

  1. Substantial speed loss on turns (even compared to other MBTs), here is bug report ( // Issues).

There are other known issues and discrepancies in characteristics of this tanks but I chose to talk only about mobility because fixing those won’t affect vehicle’s overall balance much and two of those issues are straight up bugs present from day 1 and ignored by the devs while having noticeable impact on the gameplay. Please help me to bring attention to this problem.
Type 10 is for sure not the weakest MBT in the game, but from what I can tell it’s the most neglected and bugged one. I will gladly support other similar topics of vehicles left neglected.


600+ pen

4 second auto loader

Of all the things to complain about their MBTs ain’t it


You didn’t even red the post…


Correct I read the title

Btw pen means almost nothing, from 400 to 600 no new weak spots occur.


Volumetric as a game mechanic disagrees heavily.

It’s about shot consistency, yes you’re still aiming for weak spots, but instead of clipping the side of the turret armor it’ll go through because it has such heavy penetration.

True but lets see the counterparts:
USA - 629
Germany - 623-652
Britain - 564
Italians - 623
French - 575
Nordic - 589-652
Israel - 611

China and USSR aren’t present because it doesn’t matter for them. As we can see the only truly lacking behind are Brits and French, 2/7. If everybody has an advantage, no one has it.


This post is not about performance, but about inaccurate representation of the vehicle. Even a simple answer of “It will be fixed later but is too powerful now” from Gaijin would suffice, as then we’d know they’re aware and working on the issues.


NATO tanks versus NATO tanks, you have the 4 second auto loader which beats anyone’s reload

You also have the fastest MBTs

You also have tied best gun depression with the US

The only negative is armor, but with the firepower and mobility I don’t really see a reason to complain. You even have LWS which most NATO tanks are sorely missing.

You also have the fastest MBTs

No its not

You also have tied best gun depression with the US

Only with hull nose lowered and that requires you to stop and spend some time, it is not permanent advantage. Everybody loves talking about gun depression but gun elevation is also important and on Type10s its poor and with hull down to improve depresion you cripple elevation. Suspension is situational and on Type 10 it is screwed as I described in the post.

Type 10s mobility is average at best considering all the issues described in the post which you are ignoring. Unfortunately I don’t have footage but I once saw Merkava out accelerate Type 10 which tells a lot.

Type 10 seems strong because only skilled players are dedicated enough to play it and use its potential.


What MBT is faster

Not to mention horizontal and vertical guidance speed which cripples CQB capabilities.

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ZTZ99A, T80, Leo2s, Ariete AMV. All those are faster, ZTZ or Ariete is fastest, cant tell.

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TKX has 71 forwards / backwards with 27 hp/t

ZTZ99A 76 forward / 35 backwards 27.3 hp/t

T-80BVM 70 / 11 km/h 27.2 hp/t

Ariete AMV 66 / 47 km/h 27.8 hp/t

I grant you the ZTZ99A has better forward speed, but the BVM and the Ariete have less speed with marginally better horsepower.

The mobility of all NATO vehicles is gimped because Gaijin has refused to model regenerative steering.

I agree with this and advocate for its implementation.


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Clarify what makes an MBT overpowered?

A 4 second reload is a big deal. Japanese MBT’s can work a strong position into 4-5 kills within half a minute, disintegrating a flank before a new respawn can even happen.


Well anything with ~6.5 reload speed can do 4 kills in half a minute, but I get the point. But it is not the reason to ignore glaring bugs.

I am sharing your frustration as we all know that minor nations in WT are often very neglected in many ways …
But I can almost understand the big snail, this game is so vast in scope and very complex that priority issues and problems that affect most of people do get solved 1st.

On a semi unrelated note
Japan is an interesting nation to play for sure, their wwII stuff, airplanes and ships, of course
but if your’e a tanker, why would you choose the jap’s? Their ground techteee is very thin, with sporadically interesting vehicle that you often cannot build lineup around.
And the worse thing is, you know this can never really be fixed.
Relatively small island based maritime nation that doesn’t have an emphasis on armored warfrare? Impossibiru!! : )

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