Needing back up in Air RB

If you have a guy on your 6 and require assistance, please dont fly directly at the guy trying to help you, you just dragged me into a headon and the enemy doesn’t even need to change heading to kill both you and me.

My biggest gripe.

You need to look up the Thatch Weave…

i know thatches weave. i aint gonna always play that game for various reasons, always give your team mate an angle if possible, kinda pointless if you dont.

I’d like to call out that the kind of opposite is true as well… If you see a friendly who is all over the tail of an enemy… don’t head on the enemy… you’ll basically shoot your team mate behind the enemy

It’s so cool when you bear down on two enemies, and they split opposite directions…
Did they just Thatch weave me?
I think they just Thatch weave’d me
They just Thatch weave’d me…

War Thunder players have this thing about making it as hard as possible for teammates to help them. It does make it all the more satisfying when you find a team player though.