Nederlands leak list for france

“More use” dood already have 4 Leos in their TopTier lineups if i can prevent them from having one more i won’t complain + Belgium and Luxembourg without Netherlands wouldn’t make much sense better off giving switzerland to France at this point but if gaijin do that germans will be just as mad because they feel like they own BeNeLux and Switzerland for some reason.

Oh boy, Switzerland is an entire can of worms.
Keeping a dedicated Swiss tech tree away from Germany has been something I’ve been vocal about because that would mean that Germany gets French technology that would be exclusive to their tech tree at that point.

Which is why I say that the argument for keeping small nations exclusive to a single tech tree is a stupid one.

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Lmao, real. (Luxemburg not even being on there is crazy lmao)

Well, most importantly we have to keep up the “Everyone hates France” bit.

The Benelux is quite a force on it’s own.
The Dutch actually have an impressive military history and while they were once under Napoleonic rule (like all of west Europe), they also once ruled a really solid part of the world and dominated the trade.
Also as many others have said, we’re way more integrated with Germany right now.

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They added additional cosmetic things like boxes, and different smoke launchers amd mgs and thats about it for the leopards


ye, if Dutch army added in FR TT, the frogs get the leopard too!! Otherwise, the Holland was once a part of holy roman empire.

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An absolutely terrible idea for this, once the Franch get Benelux, which means F16 leopard, etc, would be added in FR TT, that’s not fair to other 5 lines countries. The US, GER and USSR are just as jokers, who only get their own vehicles

The only thing I would want out of BeNeLux is a few light armored vehicles. But they’d only add flavor as France could have domestic vehicles. We really don’t need to level of foreign help.
Belgium is probably the only interesting thing to add to France.
Netherlands could help the French navy but I’m not to interested in them, they belong in Germany more.
Luxembourg is mostly a token addition.

Since most things are copy paste from the Netherlands and the Luxembourg, I’d rather have a few things out of Switzerland that are connected to France or could fill a more important gap.
I don’t want France to have unnecessary copy paste or gatekeep vehicles that we shouldn’t even have. But Gaijin has at least proven themselves that this current leak is plausible…


Real, I would rather have Switzerland for France than this. BeNeLux is cool but like. they had such great potential for their own tree or a subtree for someone else. I get that Germany kinda doesn’t have space for a subtree what with the whole East German thing there but at least the Dutch Leopards as like a squadron vehicle or a side vehicle or something. France doesn’t need Leopards, it needs fixes for the Leclerc.

you are right, gaijin always ignores what we players really want

I’ll take unique vehicles as a sub-tree over a copy-paste tech tree.

most vehicles in sub-tree are copy-paste, they are too lazy

Hungary isn’t the only sub-tree.

I do not like Algeria in France.

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how about finland

At least half of them are unique vehicles [new models either entirely in the case of T-72M1 for example, or hull/turret].

France makes the most sense.

Germany would be the obvious alternative, but the German tree is already packed.

French tech tree will benefit a lot from it.

Heck: I hope that the benelux ships will be included in the French naval tree as well, they had some really interesting designs to use.

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A new visual model does not qualify the vehicle as a unique one, when the skeleton of it is an already existing vehicle in the game. Like the Finnish T-72M1, sure it has a new visual model with some boxes, but it is in fact after all just another basic T-72A copy.
That’s just my opinion however.

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How will this addition benefit France, what will this sub-tree bring that France does not have or could not have ? (all the vehicles in this sub-tree would have equivalents)

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