Nederlands leak list for france


I saw a “?” On the picture I saw so I filtered it out. Whoops.

Not to sound ungrateful, but it’s not entirely what I meant. I mean improvements or additions such as EBRC Jaguar or tech tree VBCI, HOT3 for MEPHISTO, or the radar tracker for the Roland to improve elevation angles (I refuse to use the ItO90 after spading in France).

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Vextra was on there, which im happy with :)

Funny to see this problem is getting discussed as much as it is.
Gaijin’s approach has always been strange and causes more problems than it solves. They just need to recognize that Europe can’t just be clean cut and treated as a perfect solution.

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It’s a start, but truthfully my feelings are lukewarm about it. I’ll have a usable Light vehicle in top tier at least. Supporting vehicles still need help with modifications.

Benelux makes more sense than all of those other options.
It’ll also cut down on copy-paste that Benelux would have otherwise @dedale_stargate

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It’ll only cut down on C&P if gaijin actually will invest in new models and not just reskins with different ‘internal’ modifications. Like using the Dutch leo1’s instead of the very modified Belgian ones.

Aka, let’s hope for the ZA treatment and not a Finnish or Hungarian one.

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At least half of Finnish vehicles are new models…

Wait, is that right? I thought only
3 were modified and not just reskinned:
And the fokker D.21

The others weren’t from that patch, and were added before or later.

But indeed, of all Finnish flagged vehicles (including events and premiums), a slight majority are definitely unique!

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Just took a quick look on the wiki and most of them may be just reskins. I would need to look at their physical models for changes but it’s nothing very obvious like the Hun BTR-80 (that one is a better looking model than the Russian one!).

The premium Finnish planes are quite unique and most have very nice 3D models. Their tanks however leave much to desire. (Except for their AA, which are very nicely modelled)

The ANTI is nice and BT42, but the others I could just slap on the Finnish roundel and it would effectively be the same

T-72M1 [new everything], T-55M, BT-42, Fokkers, 2A4 [new turret], 2A6 [new turret], Vickers MkE, VLP, and a number of others I can’t think of right now.


But I didn’t know they made a new model for the T-72 and the Leo’s. My bad!

Just the turrets of the Leos from what I can gather, but yes.

I recall that they only changed the MG’s on the Leo’s, but I wasn’t interested that much in Sweden at the time, and just did a simple comparison.

Vive la France


Anyway i don’t get why Dutch are mad anyway just be happy your country made it to the game lul. If it had been in German tree everybody would have called for copy paste and hated on it. I’m personnally happy as BeNeLux offer nice vehicles opportunities.

The Dutch even being in France doesn’t make much sense. The Germans had more use for them.
Belgium and Luxembourg being split is fine though, as they have things that would be good for France as flavor additions.

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