NATO vs WP in EC setup

Have GJ really removed NATO vs WP Enduring Confrontation setup??
I’m permanently getting TKed by imbecile Russkie players while playing German F-4F eg., because the game keeps tossing me on their teams. Is this how things work these days in WT, or am I missing something here??


You can see the nation distribution before entering a new game.
But Nato vs WP has the problem, that we only have one WP member in the game. Russia.
You could add China, but then what to do with Germany(split?) or Sweden and Israel?

Italy now also has Soviet jets, so the whole east vs west thing is messed up anyway.

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Unfortunately Germany will probably remain on the Redfor team for the foreseeable future. Gunna suck when it’s typhoon Vs typhoon all the time. But Russia and China Vs the other 8 nations would suck for filling lobbies.

Russian pilots are just gunna need to develop a second brain cell


Ha. You say some outlandish things my friend. 😂

Next you will expect you those two braincells to talk together.


Yeah, ok, no need for nitpicking…just put all the Phantoms on one side, all Migs on another.
This isn’t WW2 setup where tags work. Pretty much everyone shoots outside the 800m, tag range.

EDIT: this is stupid…more than half the missiles fired at me are blue on blue.
Does anyone in GJ even test this shit before hitting the live servers?

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Ye and I get team killed by imbecile german players that can’t use iff

Lol it like from chicken to t-rex again it gonna take couple millions of years

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german need to develop their first before that to happen as they still cant use iff on mig 23 and still teamkill alot of other mig 23’s cuz you didnt ping yourself

Not only that, but in my experience around 11.3, MIG-23 drivers are among the worst when it comes to TK’s.

I dunno what this is, had matches were I was TK’ed by Floggers, even after pinging myself and even writing in chat where I was and that they locked me. Not once, but often.

I fly the German MIG-23MF myself and know that the radar is tricky insofar as not all available radar modes have IFF. So one has to deal with this and learn how to use it.

As to the original topic, well since trees have been diverging and merging in regards to affiliations (especially both Italy Axis vs. Allies and later NATO vs. WaPa, Germany and Japan with Axis first then NATO vs. WaPa, China/Taiwan).

I see only two ways to adress this properly, and both are major changes in the whole way countries/trees are set up:

1) Like Ground Sim, introduce specific vehicle sets.

Problem here: it would be needed to be able to use some countries on both sides, e.g. with West Germany vehicles (F-104, F-4F as examples) on one, and East Germany (the MiG’s and Su’s) on the other side.

This would obviously mean a much more limited choice one can fly in one match in certain countries.

2) Implement a way to “split Trees” depending on era/affiliation

Problem here: again a complete overhaul of the system, with possibly vast reorganisation of the branches (which vehicle is on what branch).

I think both ways could work well, but the main obstacle that would have to be crossed is the fact that this is relevant to Sim almost exclusively - our beloved but otherwise unpopular and therefore insignificant game mode.


OR implement a system of Teams: When selecting Sim, the tech trees may be shown like this:


…and in the matches, depending on country/block, only one or the other is selectable, and inversely for the other team.

Doesn’t solve the problem though with some sadly not even too exotic cases: Brits should also face e.g. French and American vehicles (see Falklands), and other mixes are common: Lybia, Iraq qith both western (especially French) and eastern equipment…

Which would again provide more argument for specific vehicle sets, possibly or best even with the extension of conflict/theater/war:

91-Gulf war Scenario
Cold War turned Hot

But this would be very complicated to set up, and nearly impossible to balance reasonably…


Well, I’m usually the only German on my team, but I got shot at by blue Mig23s alot, too. :D Fortunately, R27 is garbage, so it’s easy to dodge and in a game yesterday, for every Sparrow fired by an F4S, I got shot at, at least, twice by blue Mig23, but as I said it’s easy to lose it in GER Phantom. What pissed me off is an imbecile in GER Premium Tornado with radar, IFF and 9L that locked me through the NCTR rejection protocol and still fired and killed me and then be like “whatever”, but that’s the case for flight surgeon, I guess.

…that’s a good idea.

Every time I drive Chinese vehicle in a simulator battle, I get killed by those stupid Russian teammates
Many people are not even willing to apologize
Another group of people said, “You look too much like Leopard 2.”
The game should create a more efficient identification system for advanced simulator battles

I remember guy mistaking leopard 2 for t72 while i was playing ground sim so it happens in both sides

The Tornado WTD61 doesnt have a radar. Certainly doesnt have IFF

Absolutely love these ideas!

So then, what is this?

It only has ACM. No search radar and certainly no IFF. that is used for SEAM only.

At least it should… Just jumped into test flight and im confused,

You won’t love it when you log on to see zero games available. It would massively exaggerate the current balance issues, there would appear tons of new gaps in each tech tree for red/blue team at multiple BR’s and red team needs all help it can get right now with the few western jets they have on their team currently

I’m confused…

Yeah… Why does the WTD61 have a search radar. and since when?