Multipathing and AIM-54s

So, Gaijin nerfed multipathing but left F-14A/B on the same BR? How am I supposed to combat dozens of Fox-3 missiles flying towards while im flying a F-104G, without even knowing that they are, in fact, flying towards me?

I get the fact the it is meta to give US TT an advantage because money, but it is getting hilarious. F14A/B should be moved to 12.3/12.7 respectively; even the J-8F on the 12.3 BR gets two worse Fox-3s against tomcat’s 6, paired with a much, much worse radar mind you.

UPD: Corrected J-8Fs ARB battle rating.


The J-8F is actually 12.3 now, so…


Exactly that

The J-8F got new 38g AMRAAMs and you are trying to say the Pheonix is comparable? Doesn’t really add up. Longer range, but much worse turning performance.

Also, why aren’t you complaining about SARH missiles that also benefit from the multipathing change? The Russian R-27R/ERs are the best SARH in game but you don’t seem to have anything bad to say there.

Welcome to an area where your plane suffers in an uptier as much as the planes below you suffer in an uptier against your plane.


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I mean you’re absolutely right, F-14s got disproportionately buffed by this (as the people asking for this change wanted) so it should rightly be moved up in proportion to its new and improved capability.


J8F sits fine at 12.3 rn, PL-12s perform well AFAIK (i played quite a bit with it). The only concerning thing is the energy dumb but at that point just gamble into turning withing the opponent turn and either aim well or HMD a PL-8 on them.

Right, because when you’re flying in F104 or any other plane of 10.7-11.0 which just can’t tell you when you are being locked on by AIM-54 it matters so much whether its 24g or 38g (when you’ll see it flying towards you 4kms away there is literally nothing you can do now)

Why do you even bring up the R27R/ERs? Does it have anything to do with the topic? Can planes without RWRs and countermeasures facer R27R/ERs? Literally US main being offended by someone exposing yet another hysterically OP muricas plane.

Usually, when you face an uptier it makes the game decently harder for yourself and decently easier for your down tiered opponent. However, when you face a team 2/3ds of which are F14s in your 10.7-11.0 jet there is quite literally nothing you can do if it locks on you because you won’t be even able to know about it, and when it comes closer you will just die. AT the same time, F14 player employs literally 0 skill to kill you with the AIM-54s. He just gains the altitude and fires all his missiles on some random targets. If they connect he gets pretty much free kill that he did nothing to achieve, if they won’t connect - well, no biggie, because he did nothing for it anyway and he can just proceed to use his other missiles to fight planes conventionally.

Yes, sounds like a really balanced situation, not leaning towards any particular side at all.

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It is unfair and i get your point, multipathing exists so fly low, a bit lower than before (60m) and just look for massive contrails in the sky, usually F14 players don’t care about staying beneath 5.5/5.8k (depends on the map) and can be easily spotted.

I agree that J8F is fine at 12.3, i don’t agree that F-14A/B are fine at 11.7/12.0


Unfortunately, on tram flying planes like F-104 it is very difficult to perform, especially considering the facts that a lot of the maps are not flat at all and it can’t manoeuvre much (and once again, you don’t even know whether or not you are being locked on until it is too late)

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The point is you are a whole BR beneath the F14 so it should be “rare” but we know how matchmaking works.


sad J35XS noises


Turn cold? Chaff? notch??

Your plane doesnt have RWR?

This is just true for all of top tier, in which the F-14s can’t survive lmao. The F-14A has rear aspect Fox-2s. What business does that have facing Su-27s?


The F-104 isnt a good plane anyway, why are you complaining that you are facing unfair matchups? That plane’s whole life is unfair matchups, either on the people below them or the people above them. The plane is gonna suck balls no matter where its placed.


As far as I know, some RWR such as MiG-23s one doesn’t tell PD radar locking and ARH missile locking.

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And around that BR some planes dont even have RWR.


Doesn’t the Su-27 just ping a direction where a radar signal is coming from, not even MSL or a plane identification?


Which? I genuinely am not sure which ones don’t.

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J35XS, for one.