Multi Radar Targeting ? Or very sus glitch?

I’m playing MiG-29.
I’m targeting an F-5 and fired 2 radar missiles [R-27ER1] at it .
Normally these 2 missiles should fly towards F-5.
The first missile hit the F-5, while the second missile flew towards another enemy aircraft, e.g. F-14, which was 9 km from F-5.

WHY the second missile did not fly towards the F-5, but towards the F-14, which it also killed ???

The radar was locked onto the F-5 all the time.
It happens to me often.

Does this mean you can track multiple air targets at once?
Or this is a very sus glitch?

Very advanced simulation in Paint :D

Someone please explain to me what this is about D: D: D:

You know why…

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i completly dont know why

It could be a glitch or, more likely, that the two actually crossed paths in front of the radar ( or were rather close considering the distance and small angle from which the radar was illuminating), and since INS works at it works it could be that the F-14 was illuminated more than the F-5 which made the missile prioritize it.
That’s just my explanation though, someone correct me if I’m wrong

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its a known glitch that 29’rs know about but not want reported … Good luck getting it fixed because its not hurting it

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Was the F-14 somehow right behind the F-5 even if it was farther away?

Because if it was, and considering how works the radar, then it is possible that the 1nd missile confused the echo of F-14 from the targeted ennemy, therefore tracking it.

To me, saying that this is a glitch without having FULL picture of both launch, and final impacts is all but accurate.

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That happened to me in a Phantom one time, launched a Sparrow at another Phantom and it tracked the F-14 in front of him, and a second Sparrow went for the Phantom itself. Honestly I wouldn’t worry too much about it since it is very inconsistent that this happens and there is no way to “trigger” it to happen reliably, as far as I know.

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