Multi Radar Targeting ? Or very sus glitch?

I’m playing MiG-29.
I’m targeting an F-5 and fired 2 radar missiles [R-27ER1] at it .
Normally these 2 missiles should fly towards F-5.
The first missile hit the F-5, while the second missile flew towards another enemy aircraft, e.g. F-14, which was 9 km from F-5.

WHY the second missile did not fly towards the F-5, but towards the F-14, which it also killed ???

The radar was locked onto the F-5 all the time.
It happens to me often.

Does this mean you can track multiple air targets at once?
Or this is a very sus glitch?

Very advanced simulation in Paint :D

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Someone please explain to me what this is about D: D: D:

You know why…

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i completly dont know why

It could be a glitch or, more likely, that the two actually crossed paths in front of the radar ( or were rather close considering the distance and small angle from which the radar was illuminating), and since INS works at it works it could be that the F-14 was illuminated more than the F-5 which made the missile prioritize it.
That’s just my explanation though, someone correct me if I’m wrong


its a known glitch that 29’rs know about but not want reported … Good luck getting it fixed because its not hurting it

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Was the F-14 somehow right behind the F-5 even if it was farther away?

Because if it was, and considering how works the radar, then it is possible that the 1nd missile confused the echo of F-14 from the targeted ennemy, therefore tracking it.

To me, saying that this is a glitch without having FULL picture of both launch, and final impacts is all but accurate.

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That happened to me in a Phantom one time, launched a Sparrow at another Phantom and it tracked the F-14 in front of him, and a second Sparrow went for the Phantom itself. Honestly I wouldn’t worry too much about it since it is very inconsistent that this happens and there is no way to “trigger” it to happen reliably, as far as I know.

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What likely happened was a very lucky and specific situation.

You can do this rather often in air assault mode, where the missiles target different things and both are close enough to be illuminated by the radar.

I’d guess that your using PD so the F14 was probably going a lot faster so had a greater pulse return

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Wait, how do you fire 2 sparrows without the first one self destructing?

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It’s not a glitch.

Somehow the missile acquired a different target. It continues tracking because that target is still illuminated by your radar - even though you haven’t locked it. It is possible to have two sparrows going for separate targets at once, but it’s rare and there’s no way to exploit this in air RB.

In fact the reason you get RWR launch warnings for missiles that aren’t coming for you, is because those retargeted sparrows didn’t used to give launch warning.

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Extreme amounts of luck lmao
It’s been like a year since then and it hasn’t happened again

Sounds like your first missile hit the target add destroyed, so the 2nd missile decided to kill a differnt target behind it, why would you complain? Whats your issue

Similar thing happend to me in F4J. I fired my AIM-7F at a enemy F4E but suddenly my missile changed it’s course and went for my teammate. It almost did a 90 degree turn to hit my teammate.

You know that FOX-1 just follow back the echoes of your beam to the target

I don’t see why i couldn’t send 10 Fox-1 to the one same target then,…
The only problem with that is:
My first Fox-1 being the target of the 2nd, the 2nd being the target of the third and so on.

Was long-time ago, but once a Super 530F of my Mirage F.1C, have done a Top-Down attack on the teammate 0.5km on my left-level targeting the same guy.

The missile got altitude as if it would loft, then it turned and dropped fast on the guy,…
I was terribly confused, and decided super 530F were unreliable whatsoever.

Every time I’ve ever fired 2 the first one explodes when the second one leaves the rail.

Maybe different radar modes?

It seems like missiles get sudden performance buff out of nowhere when they go for the teammates.

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SRC PD is the mode i mostly use.

Actually there’s a scientific term for when AIM-9Bs turn into AIM-9Xs when tracking teammates, it’s called “Forbodius-Heatonius-Signaturious”

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