Multi path height

The multi path height needs to be change back to 100 meters and here’s a couple of reasons.

  1. aim54/fox 3 spam is crazy after the new update and you can’t doge them
  2. the terrain on practically all of the maps is way to hilly to even stay below 60 meters and if so it is they usually have enough explosive mass to kill you (aim54s)
  3. you really shouldn’t be seeing fox 3 missiles at all until you 11.0

And here is a couple of way to fix it

  1. planes with fox 3 missiles should only be able to fight planes with fox 3 missiles (mainly pointed at f14A and new premium players)
  2. stop putting unskilled players in lobby’s where they’ll just get creamed by a f14 spammer and cry about it.
    *3. change the multipath height back to 100 meters in realistic air and leave it 60m for sim cry babies

Can’t Dodge

How to dodge

Go practice, obtain some knowledge and work on flight skill. Previously all you had to do to evade radar guidance was to hit the deck below 100 and you are safe. Basically, holding hands to not die. Since the update skill requirement is a thing and sorry to say, those with knowledge and those who watched a DCS video at least once is coming out ontop.


Or just leave it the way it is and cry babies cry.

Nah, since we don’t have that for any other weapon type. Like IR missiles and countermeasures. In those early brs you overmanuver the missile and bleed the energy same as Aim54s.Countering Aim54s is a manuvering issue, not difficult at all.

Stop holding peoples hands because they can’t be bothered to learn how to fly in a different pattern than straight ahead.

Can we stop for a minute to acknowledge that Aim-54s are nowhere near Aim-120s (and equivilent missiles) in terms of performance? 40gs of turn is not the same as 18gs.


Hah i knew topic like this will pop up like crazy after FOX3 and i was right!!
Tbh i died alot after this patch too but i can accept it because it how dangerous modern missile can be


Absolutely not. Reduced MP was needed and is one of the best changes we’ve seen for a long time


Only the simulator shitters are the ones celebrating one of the worst atrocities Gaijin did



Im still annoyed by things like this:



With the change it is actually much easier to bonk premium bombers in the forehead with sparrows. I love it, even with the AIM-54 spam.

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Imagine come here to play realistic game just to cry about realistic features
such weakling


“Slight correction”

It was a fundamental change to how it worked. Please be mature and don’t portray anyone who disagrees as a whiner.


Just done several matches in ARB and had every single AMRAAM defeated by MP. Not chaff and notch. I think MP needs to go down further.


If multipathing actually worked at 60 meters like it says, then i would be fine with it. I can be flying under tree top height between the trees on golan heights on a completely flat part of the map and still get hit directly in the cockpit by a 530F, not splash dmg or anything. If they want to keep the multipath this low they need to fix this shit.

Not to mention shit like F14’s meeting planes without RWR, stock plane grind with no chaff. Something like the new tornado is supposed to stock grind with 2x AIM9L against this shit with multipathing that is basically not a thing anymore (since it can hit way below the 60 meters).

The change itself can 100% be good for the game, but before shit like this is adressed (and lowering the game to like 8v8 or 10v10 EVERY game) this is too early to implement IMO.


Just a few games ago. Below tree tops, still getting hit. If you are saying that flying at/below tree top height is still too high for MP then i dont know what to tell you. Thats the same as basically removing it.
(Yes it was a direct hit, not spalsh dmg. 530F)

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If radar missiles, especially fox 3’s weren’t so ridiculously easy to defeat, then I’d be slightly more tolerant towards people crying about reduced multipath. Fox 3’s are absolute chaff magnets, they are so powerful that people are literally chaffing them like they’d flare a 9L and the MAR is very low, you can almost always outrun them and that’s not even taking terrain masking into consideration.

I also believe much of the frustration is simply top-tier meta suddenly going from having 0-2 radar missiles in most cases to now 4-8 fox 3’s. It’s no longer just a few F14’s playing BVR anymore. Multipathing still works the exact same at <54~ meters. The only difference is the 40 meter gap between 54-94m. Reduced multipath has just become a scapegoat for people who don’t like radar missile meta.

I do agree with the whole stock-grind issue though, but Gaijin should provide 2 Radar missiles stock, instead of making everyone invulnerable again to them just to aid the people in a stock grind.

Stock grind is it’s own issue, it’s completely stupid and was extremely painful before this patch too. No other game does this, you’re 13.0 regardless if you’re running 2 IR missiles and stock jet performance or if you’re running 6-8 ARH + IR.


I think its pretty funny how much a small group of individuals is opposed to multipathing being 100m when if they want to go up to high altitude and play extremely boring missile lob and run away simulator they could still do that.

This is just another case of people trying to force others into playing in a way that suits them and they don’t give a toss if the person on the other end finds it enjoyable or not, only that said person is forced into playing the way they want by removing all other options.

Really selfish stuff honestly.


that is also a good point. When multipathing works there is multiple ways to play. You can still BVR, you can do close quarters IRCCM furballs and whatever. You are kinda forced into the BVR playstyle on the open maps like Sinai with no terrain when multipathing is this unreliable.

Climb! You need altitude and speed to defend, don’t fly on the ground

But thats another thing to take into consideration. Yes the fox 3’s are on the easy side to defeat. As long as i only get shot at from one direction (still 16v16 mind you, if this was like 8v8 it would be a very different story).

So you are flying something like the Netz, and then a Mig-29 with a R27ER comes up over the hill 5 km in front of me, i aint notching that in time. And i can no longer multipath it. There is literally no counterplay here.
“It was a mistake to get into that situation”.
Yes in this new “no multipath” game it is.
Which means you are literally forced to either fly high enough so you cant be surprised like that anymore, or stick to the open parts of the map (if there is any open part), in a plane with no SARH/ARH missiles. Im FORCED to take part in BVR gameplay, in a plane that cant do it.

Thats why multipath is needed. It is not just for top tier fox 3 slingers, we are also talking shit like 11.0-12.0. Plenty of IR missile only planes.
This change made multipathing so unreliable (even on flat parts of the map, flying so low im almost crashing into trees), that if i get locked by a plane that has a PD radar, my only option is to notch it since i cant trust multipath to work. Not to mention most planes at this BR has so dogshit RWR its hard to even tell if im actually notching it at 90 degrees or im closer to like 75 degrees.

There is also the factor of most plane having 60 CM or below at these BR’s. Even running only flares, 30 pops of flares is sometimes not enough when all the planes have 2-4 IR missiles each. Now i gotta get the number of flares down even further because i cant multipath anymore, so i HAVE to bring chaff with me.

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Hey man, you climb in your plane with only IR missiles. You see how good that will work


You clearly have no clue how 100m damages gameplay… And it’s not a “small amount of people”.

People were just as upset when IRCCM entered the game, called it unplayable. Then they adapted, same with every other new modern weaponry.