Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle

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Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle


The MMEV (Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle) was planned to be an evolutionary step to the ADATS in other words the successor.

The MMEV was in basic terms a LAV III Chassis with the normal LAV III turret removed and replaced with an ADATS turret.

The cost of the program was 750 Million CAD for 30 vehicles and 100 Million for the first phase of the project and it was awarded to Oerlikon Contraves.

Sadly there is not a lot of information on this vehicle as the vehicle was cancelled a little over a year into the project. (September 2005-November 2006) They did have a vehicle they did show off to the public at Eurosatory 2006.

The multi-mission effects vehicle offered the mobility of the LAV but the firepower of the ADATS and was able to engage tanks or air with a variety of different missiles.

The MMEV came to be a project because the Canadian government was planning to replace all their Leopard 1’s with different variants of the LAV III which were the MMEV, LAV AGS and LAV TAU. This plan as can be easily seen did not happen and when the the variants were cancelled they extending the planned service life of the Leopard 1’s that were in service.

This vehicle was to also include a new type of guided rocket similar to the APKWS guided rockets that can be found in game on several helicopters mainly found in the USA helicopter tech tree. The new guided rocket was called the CRV-7PG this was a collaboration between Norway Defence company Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace (KDA) and Canadian Aerospace company Magellan Aerospace (the manufacturing company of the CRV-7 rocket.). The collaboration between the companies was announced Jun 14th during Eurosatory 2006, the same time were the MMEV was first shown off to the public.
This missile was to combine the effectiveness of guided missile without the cost that normally accompanies guides missiles.

It is unknown if development has continued but since 2016 most traces of the rocket and the partnership that helped develop it have been removed from the internet and remain as archives.

When I asked Magellan Aerospace about it they told me they are unable to comment on it. Which made me think either it’s cancelled but still classified, not cancelled and still in development, or something else that I haven’t even thought of.

CRV7-PG Broshure:





Crew: 4
Speed: 100km/h (62m/h)

Assumed from base LAV III specs
Mass: Basic weight: 13,702 kg | Combat load: 16,958 kg
Engine: Caterpillar 3126HEUI
Top Speed: On road 100 km/h | Off-Road: 70 km/h
Horse Power: 350
Maximum grade: 60%
Side slope: 30%

Armour Assumed from base LAV III specs:

I am unable to find direct specifics but its basic armour (without any upgrades) covers the Standardization Agreement STANAG 4569 level III

More information on NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569 can be found here

Can be fitted with ceramic appliqué armour (MEXAS) plates.
Can be fitted with cage armour

Main Armament:
ADATS Missiles
IRIS-T Missiles
CRV-7-PG Rockets

Other Specs:
Hydropneumatic suspension

Assumed from LAV III specs
Run-Flat Tires
Quiet APU (Auxiliary Power unit) for Silent watch
Not amphibious





An ADATS on a LAV? Yes, please. That sounds fun to play.


For Britain or US though?

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Preferably an independent Canada tree. (Were it belongs the most)

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Added more information on the CRV-7PG. I thought I added it previously but I completely forgot.


+1, can add after M113 ADATS


+1 Hope it comes with X-Tar

It would be cool to see a custom loadout mechanic like for aircraft on this vehicle, with 8 slots able to equip IRIS, MIM or CRV pods

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I was just thinking that we need more wheeled AA for US / GB. Would be a great addition, +1.

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Id take it for the US too, but id honestly also kind of prefer the IM SHORAD for US. Although this being foldered under the 1069 too, id not complain 😉 Since the IM is pretty different

I didnt see here anything about X-tar, so ima give it

Ah yea, @Thatz if MMEV ever comes to the game, would it come with usual ADATS radar, or with X-TAR?

Very scary looking, I like it a lot!

not sure, it looks like it was planned to be added to the MMEV but I’m not sure if any testing or anything was done on it.

Well, sources state that it would get it, but not if it did :/

well the one I have photos of is just a demonstrator unit, the program was cancelled early into the life of the project along with the LAV III MGS program as Canada decided to go for Leopard 2’s instead.

But Canada’s Air Defence is still somewhat lacking besides stationary and MANPADS.

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We could go with it was supposed to get it if it reached production so it should get it, i guess?

More renders (Or rather LAVs with turret slaped on them)


Yeah I didn’t include any of the renders as those look off. (Interesting that the first render is an LAV III that served in Bosnia)

Also in the 2nd render it has a 2nd crows or something that is similar on the turret.

I think it is a leftover of the original configuration that the MMEV turret was slapped on. You can see it looks real compared to the turret.

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You are probably correct.

Also just noticed that I forgot to include the extremely dated promo video for the MMEV

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