Move J-8B to 10.7 simulator mode BR

11.0 jets can only be in the 11.3 and 11.7 bracket which is dominated by pulse Doppler radars, all aspect missiles, and more maneuverable jets. I’m not saying those jets are the problem but that the J-8B just doesn’t fit at 11.0

It has a SPO-10 RWR with a pulse search radar, similar avionics are found on the MiG-21 fishbeds. It can only carry 4 30G Pl-5Bs which are only rear aspect or 2 Pl-5Bs with 2 Aspide Radar guided missiles that do have chaff protection.

The airframe is also essentially just a MiG-21, but it does have a higher TWR ratio which gives a slightly faster turn rate speed.

The whole plane is very similar to the MiG-21SMT/MF except with different rear aspect missiles and a stronger radar (still not pulse doppler like the J-8F). I think it would fit perfectly at 10.7 within the 10-10.7 bracket.