Most of the BR changes in Jet RB over the past few years have been a joke and Gaijin should permanently abandon the idea of compressing lower BR


Not sure where on earth I should start this discussion, but since the AAM and supersonic jets have been implemented in the game, BR compression has gotten worse with almost every major updates.

I won’t bore with the details because it would be too long, but from the time the early supersonic jets ans AAMs arrived in the game to the implementation of the mid-late Gen’3 jets, Gaijin overcompressed the top BRs of the time and they made the early supersonic jets virtually unplayable.

If they had decompressed the top BR at that point, the early supersonic and post-Korean War era Gen’1 jets would have been playable again, but for some reason Gaijin took the ridiculous step of compressing the lower BR.

F-104A, EEL, and MiG-19 are the best examples, they were at one point 10.0 BR (10.3 BR for MiG-19) but the BR was changed to 9.3 for BR compression.

And the problem also affects lower BR, A-5 Sabre and regular MiG-15 were BR 9.0 before supersonics were implemented, but due to the recent ridiculous compression they will be moved to BR 8.0 in the planned BR change in April(MiG-15bis ISH would be 8.0 as well lmao).

Compressing lower BRs instead of decompressing, as these do, is a completely ridiculous idea and will not correct the already existing problem, but will make it even worse so, Gaijin should completely abandon its current BR change idea, as it will NEVER be a solution to the problem.


I agree an will always agree that BR decompression is needed & their decisions to keep lowering stuff is foolish but hopefully within this year once we finally see seperate BR’s we may finally see some decompression of certain jets being the poxy BR’s they’re at (it would also help if these jets saw historical addition of armament or the readdition of armament once stripped so they could be placed at the low BR they’re at).

Funny that of all the current proposed BR changes the only supersonic jet going up is a poxy Q-5A iirc an that thing is rather Meh (then again all non premium TT Q-5’s are pretty crap from an ARB perspective & could be better if the devs listened to reports).

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TBH, It is questionable for separating BR because we don’t know how Gaijin implement that.

Yeah, it would be fine if BR is decompressed in air but, would be pointless if we stuck at 12.7BR

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