Most of F111A's payload options are pointless since you'll never use them

Since there’s [practically**] no base respawn, you either take enough bombs to be fast, which means 1 base like any other bomber, or take bombs for 2+ bases, and never get to use them. Because the bases don’t respawn and people get to the bases before you do.

10/10 game design.

** The match starts, all planes take off. A few minutes later, the first bases are destroyed and most fighters start killing each other. The battle doesn’t usually last 5 minutes at the BR the F-111A is at.

So even if you where to takeoff with bombs, fly into a corner or whatever, then wait for the bases to respawn, most matches would be over before the bases respawned, or you would get hunted down.


Could use them in grb. Plus most load outs are pointless for most of us. No harm in still having them though.


The game as it is now, is not a monolith. There may be a time where rebalancing and updates will make some things more/less viable over time. Not everything is about being meta either, sometimes people play things for the fun as well.


A little secret about the game:

You can kill ground targets with bombs, too…


Base respawns,… just you need to wait up to 4 or 5 minute after the base have been destroyed,…

If you can’t wait up, then there is ground targets.

Therefore,… i don’t see the point of this thread.


The point is they only think about their own advantages (personal ressources), no thought about winning a battle.

Well winning a batlle is always going to grant you more rewards (about x2 differences between winning and loosing)

There is base respawn.
Also you forget the most useful loadout: 24 750 pound bombs, great for taking out all the ground targets of a map.

true, i know it, you know it, but all those bomber dudes give a shi*, they only see bombing gets more rewards as killing or ground pounding, even they ignore that they will die every second battle before reaching the base.

The F-111 can’t carry any smart ammunition, using dumb bombs in GRB at the BR it’s at is asking to get shot down by a 2S38. Unless you fly it tree-height with the retard bombs, but you can’t feasibly search and line up a target since it goes so fast.

Sure later in the match that works, but using that as your main objective instead of bombing? Kinda have to hope the enemy ignores you, which it probably wont.

Bombing with a bomber isn’t meta though, it the thing’s purpose

We’re talking about a F-111A, it’s not a fighter, which is why I want to play it as a bomber with it’s big payload

I’m not trying to play the meta, I bomb and play the plane as a fighter, it’s fun, it goes fast and can dump speed and turn really fast. But I still want to use it’s bombs…

The problem is: 5 minutes is the time it takes for most matches to be over after the first bases are destroyed

What do you suggest people do? Fly outside the map for 5 minutes until they respawn? Or dogfight with bombs?

EDIT: I updated the OP to clarify what I mean by “no base respawn”. They respawn after 5 minutes, which is a change from before. Before it was faster, which made it feasible to hang around the bases and wait for the respawn. Now 5 minutes is way too long.

What exactly do you want an F111A to do?

Bombing bases reduces the enemy’s score, and it’s not a fighter, it only has AIM-9Bs at 10.0

Sounds like you’re mad

Bombing bases hardly affects score. Wish it did more but taking out ground units drain way more tickets.

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I think you are missing the essence of my comment.

When I say “Not everything is about being meta…”, I’m saying that not every vehicle and not every payload configuration has to be good enough to see effective play. If you want to max out your payload and nerf your flight performance to try and highroll a match where you kill 3-4 bases in one trip and you don’t care how many failed attempts it takes to get there, that’s your right. If you want to take enough to kill one base and then bring the M61 to defense and just dump flares back to base every match, you can do that too.

You are being given the freedom of choice and that means the freedom to make bad choices too.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that higher tiers are a grindfest where, if left unchecked, 90% of air would be bombers passing each other to race for bases to bomb because it’s the easier thing to do to grind out new tech tree progress. Bombers are by design helpless fodder because it pushes the playerbase from making every BR into the JU288 lobbies we see at the 6.0 area.

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The “5 minutes respawn” is a way to explain to you that those bases will still reqpawn

You have therefore 2 choices → waits with bombs → which is feasible, and even more possible.


Say bye to payload and go for a good dogfight.

Those are realistics choices, choosing both is a dumb way to die.

And YES, basically you have to make a choice when you’re up there, it’s the same for fighter to engage or not the 1st target showing itself,… you make choice all the way through your gameplay.

Some choose to ignore fighters to bomb base (and then ask to have air respawn which was an absurdity because of the number of AAM some aircrafts could carry),

others ignore launch parameters for their missile (and then ask for missile fix,…)

The ones far far away ask to have UI on all aircraft within 40km, because one Israelii pilot from 6 days war claimed to be able to spot an aircraft from that far away → players asking for “exception” to be the norm.

Later ones ask for unreal Flightmodels simply because “muh i can’t outturn and outspeed everything at the same time”

In brief, pilots have to make choices, good or bad is nowhere near balance at this point, and i would not have the game ending in 2 minutes per bombers as it was when B-29 was introduced.

At least not in Air RB. F-111 - like the Tornado MFG for example however are fitting well into Sim EC meta.

yeah this is by design, gaijin made bombers/strike fighters useless, you can’t even make it to a base because fighters will literally get to you before you even make it halfway across the map. Gaijin doesn’t play their own game. Thats why people do what they do to them.

Imagine, a game mode where a plane can’t be used. Then imagine a game mode, where you won’t even make it off the ground. You all expect people to play Simulator in a plane where you will simply die by fighters with Radar missiles or dying when they land.