Mistral SATCP

Why is the Mistral SATCP missile underperforming so badly?? It’s actual locking all aspect range is 3.5km and it’s only pulling 12g right now and doesn’t track to save it’s life you can literally kite it with an f86 circling at 600kph pretty sure this is bugged severely also sometimes the missile explodes shortly after launch and other times the missile flat out will not launch I’ve noticed this in the SANTAL more than the SADAM Mistral
Mistral SATCP missle stats


it has 16g pull, not 12

This appears to be almost identical to the missile found on the Chinese PGZ04A - which I think is a perfectly adequate missile at 9.3. I believe the Mistral is also around that BR and gets more of them.

While the mistral is technically capable of reaching 16G (only since like a week actually), it’s still not able to reach it consistently. Also, the guidance system or fin AOA is still trash, leading the missile to always vastly under correct or over correct, meaning it will miss shots it should not be missing (aka a stalling le262 for example)

To answer this, I’ll first mention that IRL primary sources state that the mistral 1 found in the SANTAL should manage 24G constant instead of the 16 that Gaijin is adamant on using (they clearly said they did not want to acknowledge the primary sources). Then, the mistral is a fast missile, that does not pull at slow speed. That means 2 things : it can’t turn when accelerating for the first kilometer, and after reaching its max speed, it does 16G, but going so fast its turn radius is worse than all other equivalent missiles (stinger, igla and the one found on the PGZ04A). That means that the missile is simply worse than all of those missiles found at 9.3. Especially since it’s higher speed does not even give it more range due to the stupidly high drag it has.

Now, I also want you to look at the PGZ. Look very closely. If you squint hard enough, you might be able to see the 4 large autocanons that allow the vehicle to defend itself from tanks and jets flying to close for the missile to be effective (I know, they are easy to miss). The missiles are just the icing on the cake, for longer range targets.
The SANTAL, meanwhile, does NOT have any such weaponry to defend itself. So, right now, you are comparing the PGZ with better missiles and cannons to the SANTAL with worst missile and no cannon, and are concluding that yeah, both are at the right BR. I’ve seen you quite a bit talking about how bad the Chinese vehicles are compared to French ones, but you are clearly just mostly delusional.


The SANTAL literally has 3x more missiles…

You’re quite the facetious character.


3x more missiles that still can’t do shit against most targets in most conditions due to the issues I raised 3 lines above

And yet, always so close to the truth

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doesn’t matter

BR should decide how a vehicle is balanced. As of now, the MANPADS thread is full of evidence it’s not performing to real life standard.

Want a realistic mistral ? think ty-90, that would be closer


I’ve had the same experience, the Santal/Mistral is almost unplayable as it is right now. Supposedly it has IRCCM but it isn’t working. I just finished a match where I shot 7 missiles from various angles, leads, distances, head-on, rear-aspect, everything, at a F14B and it would only take 1 flare and the missile would lose lock. Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Also 50% of the time I shoot a missile it ends up flying into the dirt or missing by a wide margin. It’s comical how poor this system performs. I’m sure I’m not the best, but I am able to consistently get many more kills with stingers, which is a worse missle on paper than the mistral.

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As @vizender said, Mistrals should be able to pull 25G, but Gaijin made a copeblog, saying they didn’t believe Western manufacturers could make something better than the Igla.
So as a compromise, they said they would give the Mistral its “average” max G overload. According to them that’s 16G. However, currently, Mistrals are far from being able to consistently pull 16G …
All while Stinger and Igla are able to consistently pull close to their respective max G overload (12G for Stinger, 10G for Igla) :
Stinger : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVtNPFLYPIM
Igla : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv5Lf9vZK20

Anyway, I made a bug report about it : Community Bug Reporting System

So now let’s say we put the historical inaccuracy aside. There are still problems with the Mistral.
It seems they are simply unable to hit targets moving in a straight line.
I believe it is caused by the autopilot or the fact that they buffed the fin AoA value of all MANPADs … Except the Mistral.
The aforementionned bug report also deals with that issue.

And that’s not all. I’m working on another bug report : it seems like Mistral missiles are unable to pull meaningfully during the first 1.5 seconds after launch. Stay tuned for more.


3x trash is still trash and I agree you are very delusional in that reguard

I don’t see trash here. It’s clearly superior to the Chinese HN-6 at the same BR, with far more of them.

And I think the HN-6s are pretty decent. Most of my A-10 and Su-25 kills are from launching it at 5km.

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You can keep showing the stat card, but can also start reading our comments. I think we clearly explained to you that the Mistral is currently bugged and has been for the past few months without any fixes in sight. Also, because it can only reach its high Gs at high speed, it’s turn radius is worse than even most 10G missiles making it worse than the Chinese equivalent that you keep showing. Stop responding in this thread, start to learn how missiles work, and then don’t come back, because you’ll realize you are wrong

I have NEVER gotten a single kill with the HN-6 at any range closer than 2km.
I don’t think the Mistral’s turn rate at 2km is worse than the HN-6s at 2km.

And most of my kills were from shots at enemies ~5km away, at which point I’m pretty sure the Mistral reaches “high speeds” and certainly higher speeds than the HN-6, considering the Mistral literally goes 250m/s faster on top.

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Mistral’s turning circle is currently the worse out of all the MANPADs, so yes.

It reaches 16G at full speed, according to the people here. The HN-6 only reaches 12G maximum, all of my kills are at a range at which they both would have reached full speed and where the Mistral would have performed better…

You brain case must be empty.

You might want to stop talking about what you don’t know. You have such little knowledge of how missiles work in War Thunder, you just keep ridiculizing yourself …

You thought that since the statcards show “Mistral = 16G, HN-6 = 12G” you thought Mistral was stronger.
In truth, the “16G max overload” value on the MIstral’s statcard means nothing. It’s the only MANPAD in the game that doesn’t follow the typical rules of MANPAD for some reason.
While other MANPADs rarely go above their statcard max G overload value, the Mistral doesn’t actually have any limit.
That’s because the ability of the Mistral to turn is solely decided by its Fin AoA value. Even if the statcard says “16G”, changing that Fin AoA value could make the Mistral pull 100G.

Another parameter, although not as important as Fin AoA, are the autpilot parameters. Even if a missile can pull 100G, the autopilot parameters may not account for that, and prevent the missile from pulling its maximum G overload.

Currently, the MIstral is the ONLY missile suffering from both an old and low Fin AoA value (the Devs changed the Fin AoA value of the Stinger in January, following the copeblog, bug forgot to change the Mistral, making the Mistral have a Fin AoA value lower than the Stinger’s) and old autopilot parameters (currently, they are suited for 12 max G overload, even though it should now pull 16G).

Lastly, undifferently of the Fin AoA value and autopilot values, a fast missile will always have a worse turning circle than a slow missile.
Since the HN-6 is slower than the Mistral, it will always have a tighter turning circle.

So next time you come and barge into a thread trying to make it seems like “China suffers”, wonder if you have the slightest idea if you’re talking about. You will save everybody’s time and avoid making a fool of yourself.

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I’ll make it simple :
Mistral go fast. Mistral no turn good.
Mistral engine shuts off quickly, mistral lose speed quickly.
Good luck engaging a plane with the mistral under 2km (can’t turn), and good luck engaging a target over 4km (can’t maintain speed), and good luck engaging a target between 2 and 4km (go to fast can’t turn).
I don’t think I can dumb it down enough here

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How does being good at a game equate to understanding the fundamental workings of a technology ? That’s how low your argumentative has become ? Do you want a cookie for being good/playing easy to use vehicles ?
Also, comparing my 2020 stats to your 2024 stats ? damn


Why was this flagged? Gaijin nerfs the shit out of French equipment and now you can’t complain about it?

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Man’s projecting. Skill in a video game is entirely irrelevant - unless Lockheed Martin has started hiring engineers based on performance in WT…

@SneedSellsFeed trying to mount a counter-argument:


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