Missing Things: MH-60L DAP

if they would make proper EC maps i dont think it would matter much

Ingame, they’re attack helicopters for some reason. They really shouldn’t be. Their huge size and poor maneuverability are big sacrifices for being a utility helicopter, so they should get the separate classification.

This isn’t accurate. For one example, the AH-1Z can carry a radar pod and use that for AGM-114Ls. A better question is whether the MH-60 DAP could also carry a radar pod.

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Alright then.

Even without the ability to have said pod, both the 1Z and DAP can still deploy the missiles.

I couldn’t remember if they had a GPS system or not but you are correct

Good video describing how it functions without the longbow.

The general gist is,

Find a target

Lase it until the FCS generates a firing solution and the “Target Data ?” indicator is removed


The missile will fly where needed and engage whatever it’s radar deems the target.


Does anybody know if the MH-60L DAP is missing ATAS (AIM-92) Missiles for defence like the other US helicopters at the same tier (such as the AH-64D)? One of the major drawbacks other than the missing gun armament is the lack of air to air defence when it comes to incoming aircraft in ground rb.

No I think it has stingers

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Nvm it does have them ingame but not on the external area of the racks so you lose hellfires which is abit annoying.

some also have been given a longbow radar on one of the stub wings


That is the aforementioned radar pod.

So we will get a AH-60 for Israel with f&f, but still not the full armament for the DAP? :( That’s not cool…

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DevServer Changelog says the guns were added


Jup, see it right now 😂 So yeah, I am happy. ^^

Was the MLWS finally modeled???

Same exact BR and both helos tested and used them.

There is no reason the DAP should not get SPIKE-ERs too.

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The MH-60 can indeed use AGM-114Ls so we have that option for FnF missiles on helicopters (as well as AH-64D and AH-1Z)


They just don’t want US to get radar guided hellfires, even though the khrizentema has missiles that can be launched with the help of radar to go through smoke, at the very least I’m happy to have the gun pods.


even 8 is alot more like limit them to 2 max