Missing Things: MH-60L DAP

I just realised we don’t have the HIRSS modification either lmao, this helicopter has a shorter list of what it has than what it doesn’t and is supposed to xD

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HIRSS is mounted on the helicopter by default. You can just look at the exhaust and see it’s different from the non HIRSS configuration.

No HIRSS example (UH-60A):


There is another variant of the HIRSS configuraiton, one where the exhaust is pointed upwards, but to my knowlegde that is only for the latest variatns, so the Ms, what we have is a L variant.

This goes for a lot of non Russian helcopters, which have HIRSS by default while some Russian ones don’t have it stock and need a HIRSS mod (which updates the visual model).

I only know that the DAP has a ground radar, so I don’t actually know for shure but I would say it COULD carry AGM-114Ls. But at least I hope for the gunpods and yeah maybe doorgunners. And I know that some AH-64 variants (I think it was the AH-64A) have been tested with spike missiles. So If the AGM-114Ls are too powerful ATM, they could at least give us these. (IMO) :D

Regarding the Hellfire-L’s, theres 3 reasons why I dont think they should ever be added in-game tbh;

  1. They are MMWR seekers instead of IIR like the PARS 3 LR and Spike ER, this means smoke has no effect on them (this could be rectified by just making them IIR for balance purposes but then ppl will complain about that a ton)
  2. The AH-64D carries 16xAGM-114’s, all helis with F&F missiles in-game atm only carry 8 (though the UHT CAN carry 12, gaijin has refused adding that loadout option). Doubling the number of F&F missiles per load is a massive jump in capabilities and would single handedly obliterate ground teams. Its just bad game design imo.
  3. The AH-64D is a better helicopter than the Tigers and A129D. Particularly the UHT, which literally only got F&F because the helicopter is otherwise atrocious as it doesnt even have a chin gun and has to rely on the garbage ATAS for air defense, which makes it incredibly easy to kill. I was already surprised France and Italy got Spike equipped versions of their helis seeing as the Spike is better in basically every way compared to the PARS 3 in-game, and both those helis have better air to air missiles (Mistral ATAM) and a chin gun, the AH-64 has all that and better avionics as well along with the previously mentionned16x ATGM’s instead of 8x

I mean they can just limit agm114L to 8 max and make them not go through smoke like you said I really don’t see the issue with them being added if they did that. Considering how bad of a state the AH64Ds are right now they should give agm114L to them.

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I think that just opens a whole new can of worms though with the community complaining about “incorrect modelling” and likely a lot of classified leaks. It could also lead to the brits getting Brimstones, which is their (better) version of hellfire’s, as it has a 12km range instead of the longbow hellfires 8km which is an even bigger issue.

The other thing to consider is that F&F ATGM’s are specifically usefull vs SPAA and other helis, so limiting to 8xAGM-114L while allowing them to carry another 8xAGM-114K (for example) wouldnt actually nerf its effectivness, you’d just need to choose which missile to use with which target. Limiting the AH-64D to only 8 ATGM’s if they carry hellfires would also lead to more complaints.

I think the best next step for the AH-64D’s is to give it the AN/APR-48 detailed here, allowing it to always know exactly where SPAA are if they have their radar on, preventing them from having to risk themselves out in the open while searching for enemy SPAA visually, and would therefore also lead to SPAA shutting off their radar (and therefore reducing their own information available) to avoid this feature.

Kind of off topic from the MH-60L tho at this point lol

I believe the limit would be dual mounts instead of quad mounts, so if you wanted Ks then you’d only have 4 Ls which seems like a decent trade off if you want more total hellfires, tbf idc if they model them as IIR instead of MMW or at the very least keep MMW but have pieces of “chaff” in with the smokes.

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and to get back on topic, I reckon it could be good to introduce buddy lasing, that way you can use your hellfire equipped heli (of which there are plenty for many nations) without getting blown out of the sky waiting for the missile to reach it’s target. (I have no idea why all the Apaches are 11.3 and up when the KA-50 is still 11.0 and outranges most of the SPAA it faces, and with the cap of 12.3, it gets downtiered a lot)

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Buddy lasing would be fantastic, you could fire hellfires from behind cover while a jet in your squad lases the target

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No other vehicle in War Thunder outside the premium A-10A has empty pylons where weapons that exist on the loadouts cannot be equipped.

@MythicPi You mean Brimstone? That project was cancelled, Apaches can’t fire them.

Didn’t mean it didn’t progress to test firings.

Brimstone II’s were replaced by the AGM-179 JAGM, which are very similar in capability. With a SALH / MMW combination seeker, and the production motor in place of the interim (remanufactured) motor the missiles have similar range. let alone the JAGM-MR wich has a range of 16km and further an added IIR channel to the seeker.

There have been for short periods of time;

  • The F-4J for example could only carry 4x AIM-7’s instead of the six it should have, 10x missiles ( 4x AIM9 + 4x AIM-7 + 2x AIM-7) due to a bug.

  • Various Skyraider derivatives had their bomb loadings improperly modeled (the spacing was wrong due to using other variant’s SAC)

  • AGR-20 (APKWS II) launchers are limited to the 7x round rocket pods in place of the larger 19x pods across all aircraft that can carry them, for mysterious reasons. It doesn’t help that the HEAT / APAM warheads which would be most useful against armored targets are inexplicably and completely missing.


And AGM-114L is missing as it should, so we have 114B & K instead.

Well, my original topic was about the things that are missing on the MH-60L DAP… XD


It’s not A2G radar, navigation radar is not implemented in the game.

Will be fixed

Will be fixed

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That’s really great to hear! (Or read ^^)

Thank you very much! :)

You guys forgot the most missing thing of all. Per the devblog:
“The Black Hawk is an American utility helicopter-”
I don’t even care about the rest. Why is it ingame an Attack Helicopter and not a Utility Helicopter like the Hueys that come before it?
Why is the Bo105 a Utility helicopter, and the Mi-8s are not?
The Lynxes are Utility helicopters.

It matters for SP!


The Lynx’s and Bo 105’s I can get, they are after all utility helicopters. Are the Mi-8’s attack helicopters? But yeah then the MH-60 should be a utility helicopter.

Any vehicle with the ability to dump a GPS target from a targeting optic to the 114 can fire a 114L, the only difference is that the missile flies to an area and then goes pitbull, choosing a target by it’s own volition. The Longbow FCR by comparison causes the 114L to be assigned a specific target prior to launch or while in flight by the radar’s own selection, without having the missile itself choose.

This means the DAP, AH-6 or any US helicopter with the proper optics can deploy the 114L without issue.


if they would make proper EC maps i dont think it would matter much

Ingame, they’re attack helicopters for some reason. They really shouldn’t be. Their huge size and poor maneuverability are big sacrifices for being a utility helicopter, so they should get the separate classification.