AN/APR-48A Radar Frequency Interferometer for AH-64D variants


archieved Lockheed martin AN/APR-48A brochure (for AH-64D).
more modern AN/APR-48B(for AH-64E) brochure can be found here:

Current RWR system lacks a key HUD element (azimuth), which makes it difficult to quickly determine where radar waves are coming from.

The AN/APR-48A Radar Frequency Interferometer (RFI) is the avionics of the AH-64D variant and can solve this problem.

Independent of the RWR system (AN/APR-39A), the AN/APR-48A performs direction finding (DF) of radar waves, boresighting of electro-optical (EO) sensors to the direction of radar wave reception, and passive ranging of radar waves.

All AH-64D versions in the game are modeled with AN/APR-48A devices.
Screenshot of a British AH Mk.1 and it’s rotor mast is attached as an example

image (1)

Some possible ways of Implementation:

  1. create a new FCR lock-on key for the RFI signal.
  2. borrow the third-person, first-person radar target indicator available on AA vehicles (see following screenshot). Also need an UI element that indicating which direction the EO sensor is currently pointing.
    image (3)

The second approach is preferred because it is less disruptive.

image (2)

Apparently, I can’t use AH-64D technical manual since it is restricted to DoD members and contractors


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