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Can anyone predict when the 9x will be in the game?

Also stupid question, has anyone tried to put a smokeless motor on a 9x? So it’ll be a 9mx

The AIM-9X, even in its worst block 1 config, is leaps and bounds better than anything in game as of yet. Imagine a missile, with 10-20 more Gs of pull than an r-73, a ridiculously powerful motor, thrust vectoring, and an IRCCM which negates flares entirely. That doesn’t seem like it would be balanced whatsoever.


My current timeline is for Gen 5 IR missiles to start making an apperance on low performance CAS aircraft maybe end of this year but probably more like sometime next year. Things like ASRAAM on the Jaguar Gr3A or Tornado Gr4. Im not sure what american aircraft would fit that bill for Aim-9X though, but im not expecting any A2A fighters equipped with Gen 5 IR until the end of next year at the earliest

The next big A2A upgrade is the addition of Active-Radar homing missiles like AMRAAM, likely next major update in June

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The AIM-9X used the smokeless motor and warhead from the 9M.
Source: https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/104557/aim-9-sidewinder/

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What is the best missile irl today??🤔


Depends on the situation


Which one can pull the most g’s, ik I can look it up but i get unreliable answers, one source says one and one says another

Best place to have a browse

But probably IRIS-T, but its also one of the shortest range Gen 5


Yay more strike fighter metas where they use overpowered missiles that cant be countered effectively against actual fighters with 20 years older technology! We haven’t had enough of that already!

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Choice A) Tornado Gr4 at 11.3 performing exactly the same role/performance as the Tornado Gr1 with 2x 9Ls

Choice B) Tornado Gr4 at 12.7/13.0 with 2x ASRAAM

If jets at that BR cant handle a Tornado Gr4. Then its a skill issue

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Why what

Choice A is actually: Balancing the game properly (gaijin won’t do it) or

Choice B: going with the current trend which is what you described previously.

Attackers should NEVER have better missiles than fighters in my opinion. It is exactly what started BR compression in jets.

It will be a radically different situation than what is going on at 10.0.

We are talking about a Tornado with 2x IR missiles vs Gen 4.5 ARH slingers with the ability to actually defend and fight back. These missiles have to come at some point and lower performance CAS aircraft are ideal place to start. Rather than 6x ASRAAM on the Typhoon F2 with HMD, radar, etc. Lets start with 2x ASRAAM on the Tornado Gr4 with no radar or HMD.

It is not a good idea. I will not support it in anyway.

Then thats fine. As it is. I think many CAS aircraft need stronger AAMs. Absolutely no reason why current Tornado IDS dont have Aim-9Li or Aim-9M. they need it with how hopelessly outclassed they are

I think to make a R-73 counter gaijin should add an ahistorical AIM-9R. As it was going to be a 9M development but canceled, make they can just make a 9M with more G pull

The 9X uses a reduced smoke motor, but not a smokeless like the 9M iirc
So while its harder to distingish from afar, the 9X still produce smoke even in the lower layers of the athmosphere.

If you shoot your missile high up, even if its motor doesn’t produce smoke, condensation is going to make your missile visible with a big trail.

(The hot air coming out of the motor mixing with the cold air you find at altitude will produce condensation of the humidity present in the air)

As @Morvran said, which missile is “better” really depends on the situation.
If you’re looking for the most maneuvrable one and probably the best one to intercept incoming missile (even if probably not reliable at all) then the IRIS-T is probably the best. The main issue is going to be the range which is only a notch better than the 9L.
If you’re looking at the best range possible to be able to kill target before they shoot at you then the MICA IR and the ASRAAM are the best. (MICA has better range and maneuvrability but is heavier)
If you want a jack of all trade (medium range/ good maneuvrability) then the 9X is pretty good (and relativly cheap compared to the others).
The Python 5 is also a good Jack of all trade but a bit heavier.

Other last gen IR missile are those (quick summary):
R-74M2 (Russia): A bit in its own category (similar range of the ASRAAM, similar turning of the 9X) but the missile doesn’t have an FPA seeker so its a lot more suseptible to fall into flares.
AAM-5 (Japan): similar looking to the Iris-T but similar in performance to the 9X.
A-DARTER (SA+ Brazil) : shooter range but even more maneuvrable than the IRIS-T (not in production)
BOZDOGAN (Turkey) : A very heavy 9X (not a lot of reliable info on it)
PL-10 (China): Similar to the IRIS-T with a bit worse maneuvrabilty (few info on it)

If you want more info i made a thread covering most of the info you can find online about IR missile.

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Really depends on the situation.

IR missile wise? Maybe the latest Aim-9X or Python 5, do take this with a grain of salt though.

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