Mig23MLD in 11,3?! get it down!

Hi if you have seen the title im just asking about the Mig23mld(ussr) i just got the aircraft na di think its super cool but something that destroys it is that the mig just can compeat with the other aircraft. for example 99,9/100 you get uptier in it hand you will then meet su27, f15, f16, mig29 and jas39. i feal that it is not able to compeat with tose aircraft when its not agile got bad arment only 60 flares and is slow and has bad acseleration for 12,3. for the moment with the new update its geting eaten alive. I dont suggest it to be 11.0 but i do think it would be nice if it could get more down tiers. Ty for listening

The only thing I will say is, F4C phantom Vs R24R x 2 and R60M x 4. Fair right?


ik but the f4 can outturn the mig23 al day

Don’t move MiG-23MLD down, move the top tier jets up.


i dont want that ither i just want it to get more downtiers

Unfold wings and you out turn pretty much everything except Gripen.


with the wing unfolded

It is the right balance choice. What you personally want is of little value.


i just dont want a 1970 plane to que up with 2000 planes (jas39)

MLD is an 80’s mod

sorry then

Then a skill issue. Also you can out run Phantoms, and your acceleration is better than even majority of 12.3 planes.


how about you play a game in it stock then come back

yes,btw the R13s are actually better than having stock R-60s lol, you can just fire them at 3km and they will hit.

it prob just skill issue for me then but i just dont see how that plane is fighting su27 and f15

Once you get R-24Rs,you get two guaranteed kills,cause the radar in MTI doesnt loose lock in notch and dont care about chaff. I have spaded 23M, and i fly premium ML to grind 27 atm, i skipped MLD back in the day after i got 29A, which is the reason why i dont have it spade it.

ok your probebly right but i still feal like it should get some more downtiers and not full uptiers every game

Even if you get full uptier,there are only 4 of these.

Please dear god do not move it down. I just got done playing 100 some games in the ML which is just a worse MLD. Yeah it struggles a bit in full uptiers but what plane doesnt. With its MTI radar, its R24R’s and its turning and engine performance its capable of holding its own even against top tier jets. But if you can get a downtier where you fight things like mirage 3c or J35D it absolutely stomps. If you really want to do something to help it without ruining the planes below it, move top tier to 12.7.


No, the MLD is probably the best 11.3 currently, and the only reason it may suffer is because all 11.3’s are being forced to fight much more capable 12.3’s. It’s an issue of BR compression, and bringing the MLD down to 11.0 will just kick the can down the road and cause 10.0 planes to suffer harder still. The MLD is an excellent plane btw - and I’ve fully spaded the MiG-23M, MF, and MLD so I think I have enough experience with Floggers to say so