Mig-23 ML premium scam?

What do you think about headlight nerfs on paid products?
After 3 years did the gaijin realize that the radar of the mig-23ml was not set in a real way? I’m referring to the recent change that has made the Mig-23 almost unplayable. I’m writing to you from Europe, I don’t know how legitimate it is to change the characteristics of a product after purchase, apparently gaijin does it regularly, with the excuse “oh we forgot or made a mistake”, pure naivety. With the alpha generation they have an easy game, but we at Z are older now, is it possible that no one cares about so much dishonesty and your money? it’s as if you order a margherita pizza and halfway through the meal the chef arrives and takes away the mozzarella because in his opinion it’s right, he offers you the service and he decides. someone should do a class action or investigation into the gaijin entertainment video game company, at least here in the free world. here the free market has always had precise rules. thoughts ?

I think that if it had had this real radar feature from the beginning they wouldn’t have sold all those packages for 70 euros. Here’s the bad faith, they need to stop screwing us like this


You mean changes to their game? They found that the flight model needed corrected (all Mig-23s), and they did. They also decided that the radars should act differently, and I am assuming that all aircraft with the same model radar (which I will have to see when I get home if there are more than one) would also be changed. It doesn’t seem it was a targeted change to ONLY the 23ML.

Regardless, they can change anything about the game they want to, as it is their intellectual property. Please see the excerpts below. They state that services may be updated and modified without the user’s consent.

From the TOS
2.5. The Services may be updated and modified without the User’s consent or notification. To the extent permitted by law, the Services are provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Gaijin does not guarantee meeting the User’s needs and expectations unless otherwise explicitly and unambiguously stipulated by the Terms and Conditions.

“Service/Services” means any digital product of Gaijin, e.g., Website, Games, mobile applications or other services such as Gaijin Store (store.gaijin.net) and Gaijin Marketplace (trade.gaijin.net), including any available information and/or content. Content may include any intellectual property, e.g., databases, trademarks, software, text, design, graphics, video-/audio materials, films, messages, pictures, architecture, etc.


At no point did maneuverability of premiums ever get advertised.
The weapons are identical, the plane still functions.

There is no scam, Mig-23 is playable and powerful.
You purchased the product knowing full well that there might be inaccuracies fixed later on.

There is no bad faith, you weren’t screwed over, your jet still functions, and the EU 100% condones this behavior as they should.

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I believe the one thing they cant change is the rank of premiums because they sell them as “buy this rank 6 to research ranks 1-7”

They do this with all soviet premium vehicles or planes. Yes, is a big scam, regardless.

To operate in EU, Gajin must follow EU regulations and most likely their TOS is against EU regulations and in a court of law those TOS would be nullified by a judge.

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Well seeing that Hungary is a EU member state I would assume that they operate under those regulations, they also mention that anyone who agrees to the TOS is handled by Cryprus jurisdiction, who is also an EU member state. I doubt those regulations state that changes cannot be made to content considered intellectual property of a company. I would assume that Warthunder’s TOS would also be written in a way that allows it to make changes to its property while being legal in the EUs eyes. I’m going to assume you haven’t read the applicable sections of the TOS because you weren’t aware that the TOS is primarily associated with Cryprus’s laws, a member state of the EU.

Also, this is just a blatant lie. They do this with all vehicle types from all nations, not just Russian premium vehicles.


Feel free to start that case…

you are talking about non-paid services, I doubt it is legal to change the characteristics, whatever they are, of a paid product. The fact that you pay it is an implicit agreement between the user and the company. I don’t agree and I’m surprised that anyone defends them… having said that I’m sure someone will take action

lol Gaijin even allows refunds of their purchased products.
They are fully in-line with EU law.

They had to remove Italy’s premium M60 to follow advertising law.

Well, you can keep being surprised people defend the EU and Gaijin.
The EU says its legal, always has.
Keep attacking normal non-scam business practices. I bet you defend scams.


it is not legal to change the characteristics of a product for the worse after sale, they do it with all the nations in the game. It’s not right and it’s illegal, intellectual property is valid up to a certain point, it’s really annoying but from what I see on Reddit someone will move

it is not correct, I pay 70 euros for THAT product, with those characteristics. Don’t change them after years because that’s how you feel about it. The case of the Mig 23 ml is explanatory, if they had modified it years ago, they would not have sold all those Mig-23Ml packs. Factual

it literally is legal due to TOS you agreed to. Any other game nerfs/buffs things aswell, and noone ever brought it to court. Like LoL and its champs,Dota,WoT and its tanks,etc.


If this were true, gaijin could never increase the br of vehicles.

“I paid for this vehicle at 4.7, now it is 6.7. Now it performs worse so i can sue”

I wish the people making these threads actually sued instead of waiting/hoping for someone else to waste the time and money. Put your money where your mouth is.

@BigStuntmanMike please give this a read:

Feel free to read about what services are and how they may be updated and modified without your permission or notification.

You pay for the license to use that content in game. You didn’t acrually pay for that vehicle/aircraft, you paid for the chance to use it. You own nothing, not even your account. See above on modifiying services.

Also, every user agrees not to take up a class action lawsuit against them and agrees to only do priviate litigation between Gaijin and the user. Did you not read any of the TOS you agreed to?

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That’s not what they did though.
First off, we’re buying licenses.
Second, Mig-23ML is still 100% playable and a good aircraft.
Third, Gaijin never once advertised the turn rate of premium aircraft, thus are not violating advertisement laws.
Forth, you agreed to the contract terms on purchase of the license.
Fifth, this is standard for EU and USA.

You signed the contract on purchase. The contract was not violated.
And since the contract wasn’t violated you then look at the advertisements live during purchase, which all lack the aspects changed.

Gaijin removing R-60M from Mig-23ML would be a probable violation of advertisement law, but not the contract.


Dosnt matter what TOS you agree or not. If its against the EU consumer law that TOS is equal to 0, there are precedents in europe with this same situation.

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I see that you missed on on the part where I mentioned that Cryprus is the primary legal entity governing the TOS, which is an EU member state so the TOS should be well within the EU guidelines. So it does matter which TOS you agree to, and you would know that if you read them.

As with any other vehicle in the game, their stats might change at any time based on new documentation or standards. The truth is that you bought a shitty interceptor, not some kinda super fighter.

The MiG-23s were insanely overperforming, and it’ll drop in BR soon.

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but if it wasn’t a bother to the snail, it could remove the user’s vehicle and return the amount in goldem eagles