Mig-21bis NEEDS a lower BR

SK-60, a flying brick that I havent touched since before they added tracers. F-5C, yeah thats a skill issue. A-5C, a base bomber that shouldn’t be going after planes. Ofc its negative.

Go ahead and take a peek at my stats. SK-60 is by no means a brick, all it is is slow.
A-5C is an absolutely baller jet for the 10.0 meta. Please consider that i also truck bombs with it, then go for fighters.

Again, taking a bite of that nice, warm skill issue sandwich.

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The Sk-60 is by ALL MEANS a brick. It has terrible retention, it cant outturn ANYTHING after the first loop, its guns have a slow velocity, and the only way you’ll be able to catch up to the enemy is in a downtier, where the enemies will be able to turn circles around you, and then catch up, since you lost all your speed trying to dodge the enemy rounds.

Also, I have no idea why he has almost 1.2KD on J35XS even it is one of cracked plane at its BR.

I had 10KD on my J35XS back then but, my teammate who is missile monkey ruined that :(

nah men the sk 60 is by no means a brick.

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the F-15A can’t reach the speed listed on its stat card at all ingame

The stat card is the wing-rip speed, it reaches 1510kph in a flat line.

OP is trolling


No… the stat card is the top speed at stated altitude, not sea level.
And its not wing rip speed either.
the F-15A stat card says 2505kph at 10668m.


Are yours,…

On every aircraft that i can see there, i beat you times 2 on those i can compare myself too, if not up to 5 times.

You clearly don’t know about your aircrafts and you’re flying without even taking care of what your aircraft is able to do,… i can tell this from those stats,…

For basis information, let’s compare A-10A Late, and F-8U2:

Me → 109 games, 68 times killed, 182 kills done (2.7 KD)
You → 54 games, 49 times killeds, 48 kills done (0.98 KD)

For recalling you, the F-8U2 is considered a good aircraft to play both in dogfight, than Missiles for it’s BR, and survivability thanks to CM’s

A-10A Late:
Me → 117 games, 70 times killed, 177 air kills done (2.5 KD), 361 ground kills(5.2KD)
You-> 50 games, 41 times killeds, 29 air kills done (0.98 KD), 106 ground kills(2.58 KD)

For recalling you the A-10A is slow, have 4 AIM-9L at such low BR, and 30mm gun, insane Payloads, good turn abilites(for said speed)

So tell me now,… why should we hear about your none-sense that MiG-21Bis is unable to be played, while i’m using MiG-21F-13(60x30mm rounds and 2xR-3S missiles) and have 2 KD on it? Fighting F-4’s/J-35’s and all those “OP” aircrafts.

MiG-21bis is an improved variant of a MiG-21F-13 by far better than it, well more armed/EnginePower/Ect.,…

If you really wanna know how to use a MiG-21Bis, maybe you should start by learning it, instead of using it alike the biplane you started with,…


No,… SK-60 is by anymean not a bad aircraft to use, i have 2.5KD on it.

Because your mig-21 can, and WILL face jets that are COMPARABLE TO IT, whilst the shitbox-21bis, is stuck fighting 11.7-12.0 aircraft that outclass it in every way.

If you really wanna know why it needs to be 10.7, use it.

Its not a GOOD aircraft, nor is it absolute shit. It is a subpar aircraft that has its moments. Like half the other aircraft in the game.

Half the aircraft are decent, and have their moments.
A quarter are OP and shit on everything.
And a quarter are shit aircraft that struggle to even do good enough to research a t1 modification without running out of free repairs. (Mig-21bis)

Decided to go back and check my stats on the Bis, since it’s been a minute since I played it and I didn’t remember my opinion on it being particularly great, but:


Sure, 63 battles isn’t tons, but it’s all I needed to spade it and grind out my next plane.

Overall, it’s a very competitive 11.0 that’s only hamstrung by being completely outmatched by 12.0s, but that goes for every 11.0, and for many of them more than the Bis. For reference, the stats above match my stats for the JA37C (Widely considered to be one of the best 11.0s).

It’s strong in a dogfight due to it’s great AOA and speed bleed. If you get on someone’s six with equal or greater energy state, there’s basically nothing they can do to shake you since they can’t force an overshoot easily and can’t outpull you. The AOA also makes deflection shots while zooming through a furball easy. The gun can be awkward to aim, but tends to hit very hard when you get it to land, which is a decent trade. You also have great acceleration, meaning despite being a delta you aren’t as vulnerable to being stuck in a low energy state as others, though you still need to watch that you don’t overcommit with too many planes around.

The missile load is fine. 6x all aspect R60MKs is very competitive for a tier where most are using AIM-9J analogues. Don’t make the mistake of firing them in a headon, try for close range, off boresight, and if possible side aspect shots. They are unmatched at close range due to their short burn time and high G limit. They will be easily flared if seen coming, so take shots on targets that won’t see them. Also remember it can see a decent number of 10.0s and 10.3s that don’t have flares.

The R13M1s are also a good pick, being very analogous to an AIM-9J, though I found it had better range. Excellent for longer range shots that the R60MKs can’t manage. You can also slot an R-3R, occasionally useful against people who don’t run chaff. I remember slapping an F-111 with MAWS active, he was throwing flares everywhere and got very salty that my missile tracked right through them. I’d either run 4x R60MK, 1x R13M1 and 1x R3R, or just 4x R60MKs and 2x R13M1.

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Quick question, how long ago was a minute? The thing might have been good when toptier was only 11.7, but now its unusable.

It’s still usable.

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That’s the Finnish one, which has always fought 12.0s. Like I said, it struggles against them, but the same is true of all 11.0s.

I have 400 games in the Finnish 21bis and 200 in the premium German one. Five times more than you. And I can tell you with absolute certainty that it’s fine at 11.0


So you have, no knowledge of the aircraft, and no knowledge of game/battle sense,…

You barely 1 kills for 1 death (apart thag MiG-21bis of your where you’re completely loosing shit,…)

And you expect to me to believe you,… you’re the funniest raging player and stubborn one, i’ve ever seen, not gonna lie.

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Apparently Mig-21Bis’ flight performance is getting nerfed, so maybe now it would make sense to move it down to 10.7. (Although I’m not sure how to feel about a still decent flight performance vehicle with a good number of flares and being super sonic + 4x R-60Ms in a full downtier. The AJS37 is somewhat in a similar situation (with 2x Aim-9Ls instead of 4x R-60Ms), and the Su-22UM3K (with 6x R-60Ms at 10.7, and 128x countermeasures)).